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Door hardware, visitor management, more

The Direct Thermal TAB-Expiring Visitor Pass from Data Management Inc.'s line of "Visitor Pass Solutions" security products takes the guesswork out of activation with a tab extending from one end of the self-adhesive label. Instead of multiple parts, all of the expiration components are self-contained into one piece, making activation virtually foolproof. After the visitor's information is printed (or written) onto the badge, it is peeled from its liner, and the tab is folded behind the badge to activate the color-changing chemistry. Overnight, a "VOID" image appears on the badge, dissuading departed visitors from trying to reuse their badge.
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Optical Turnstile

The Supervisor 5000 optical turnstile (SU5000) from Alvarado combines superior detection technology, motorized swinging barrier panels and an architecturally styled cabinet, along with a number of highly desirable options. The product takes up very little floor space and the design makes liberal use of architectural glass. It also has custom options, such as LED accent lighting, logo etching on glass panels and custom cabinet and lid materials. Swinging panels can be waist high, or full height for higher security installations. The barrier panels are controlled by powerful motors that quietly open the panels fast enough for rapidly moving patrons. Opening and closing speeds are adjustable, and the product is offered in standard and disabled access widths.
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Video Surveillance

Unified Security and Surveillance Solution

The victor, from American Dynamics, is a unified security and surveillance solution that enables end-users to view, manage and control recorded video from Intellex digital video management systems, VideoEdge network video management systems, as well as live streams from analog and IP cameras. Display video simultaneously with common feature set, no matter what the codec (H.264, ACC, MJPEG, MPEG-4 ); even mixing and matching technologies all in one location without toggling between client applications. The intuitive interface includes Windows 7-like features such as tear off, snap, auto hide, tab and dock windows, providing a customizable operator experience.
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Racks & Security Consoles

Rack Enclosures

The new EGR Series rack enclosures from Middle Atlantic Products have been designed to achieve a high level of equipment mounting versatility. The racks feature "V-system" Pre-drilled Sides with laser knockout mounting holes on a 5 1/4-inch grid. This eliminates field drilling to mount small components by allowing the integrator to simply knock out any of the precut holes and use the company's special stud to provide a mounting point. New brackets designed for the V-System can be used to provide mounting points for large and small equipment, cable tie points and power strip mounting, even rear rack-rail in full height or partial height sections.
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Ergonomic Control Console

AFC Industries' Control Pod Console enables end-users to mount a large number of screens of different sizes without sacrificing ergonomics. The consoles offer optional independent, electronic height adjustment of the work surface and monitor platform. Horizontal adjustment along the tracks and vertical micro-adjustment eliminate gaps between the monitors, and extensions on the outer monitor arms allow for a more comfortable viewing arc. Available in multiple colors and surface shapes, the unit can be customized to fit space, equipment and other specifications.
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Wall-Mounted Equipment Rack

Video Mount Products' ER-W24 wall-mounted equipment rack frees up premium floor space. The rack's unique, 'easy hang' design enables the installer to mount the wall plate, stuff the equipment rack and then easily attach the populated rack to the wall. Additional features include: 13 rack spaces, 19-inch depth, steel and aluminum construction, black static-resistant powder coat finish and a 100-pound load capacity.
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