Leaders in Authorized Dealer Programs

SECURITY Dealer queried providers of national authorized dealer programs to discuss their offerings. Here's what they had to say:

Barnes: We assist the dealers by providing them with a number of training opportunities, operations assistance and support from our ADT field staff.   Our customers gain by having added access to ADT services in areas where the company may not maintain a large presence.  

Nettuno : Dealers who participate in the CSS program are able to take advantage of numerous sales, training and marketing support services.   Our goal is to help participating authorized dealers' businesses grow in the commercial market by providing them with essential tools, expertise and associations, in exchange for their loyalty as demonstrated through product purchases.

Birkmeier :   It starts with training. We offer programs in intelligent video based on a module-style approach that includes, site-visits, Web-based and interactive media.   Other support includes having managers attend joint sales meetings with our dealers.  We also provide lead generation and customized marketing, product pages and case studies.

Clarke: Our program assists dealers in a variety of ways.   By partnering with a national company a dealer can choose to leverage the Monitronics name to grow their business. Partnering with a national company also has a positive impact on employee recruiting and retention.   Our dealers receive initial and ongoing training, marketing assistance, technical support and discount pricing on equipment.  

  Rzepka : A barrier to selling video monitoring in the past has been cost. We've removed the cost barrier from the equation so that dealers can now focus on offering the latest technology available on the market.  


Q. What would you say is the most valuable part of the program that your company brings to the table? 

Namorato :   The First Alert Professional program offers a suite of tools to help dealers market their businesses. We supply the tools, they supply their sales and technical expertise and utilize these tools to grow and develop their business.

Birkmeier : Without question it is our commitment and dedication through our dealer development program and the true partnership we have with them. Our DDP is founded on the principle that any successful partnership is based on both parties' total commitment to a common goal. 

Nettuno : A key to the program is the partnership with Honeywell and the ability to network and learn from other dealers of the same caliber within the industry.   They also appreciate the ability to hear presentations from other dealers, work with other dealers and meet their peers during our meetings and events.

Clarke:   Our dealers appreciate the ease and efficiency of the Monitronics -brand pre-programmed panels. Not only do they get what we feel is a simpler installation and fewer false alarms by using this equipment, but they receive highly competitive discounted pricing.

Rzepka : We treat our dealers with respect, offer them the services they need to be successful and help them make more money. Our dealers are able to easily upgrade many of their legacy burglar alarm accounts to video monitoring.   We believe that offering remote video at the same price as standard alarm monitoring will change the industry.


Q. Do you offer training and overall, what is the value of training to the dealer?

Namorato : We have a Dealer Development Group that provides training on various levels. We offer on-line and regional training, presentation materials and other ways for First Alert Professional authorized dealers to create and maintain a strong market presence.

Barnes: We offer several types of training for our dealers.   We help them learn to sell and make the most of each sale. We provide up-to-date information on best operational practices to help them to run their businesses efficiently and effectively.   We have two conventions each year that allow the dealers to communicate and share information.  

Nettuno : We have two separate departments that are offering their training courses to this special group of authorized dealers.   The skilled instructors from the Dealer Development Group provide onsite training and CD-based training. Our group is also comprised of security industry veterans who help authorized commercial dealers build sales by offering sales applications sessions and training in vertical markets, such as Financial, Retail, A&E and Government.