Leaders in Authorized Dealer Programs

SECURITY Dealer queried providers of national authorized dealer programs to discuss their offerings. Here's what they had to say:

Clarke: We provide a great deal of sales training and offer external programs through preferred vendors to those dealers looking to get new sales staff up and running or for interim support. We also provide marketing support including strategic planning and advertising recommendations.

Rzepka : We consider training an investment for both our company and the dealer. We offer an authorized certification, which includes dealer training (from sale through installation) and certification.   After dealers become certified, we work together during the first couple of sales to answer questions, provide support and address concerns throughout the process.  


Q. How does the authorized dealer program help the participant deal with the fast-paced technological changes occurring in the industry?

Namorato : Our Dealer Development Group will go to integrator locations with customized training programs as well as train on new technology. There are many topics available that include selling skills, business management, lead generation and motivation, for example. We even offer programs on how to generate leads over the Web and how to properly structure their own Internet sites.

Barnes: We provide our dealers with access to expertise and information as we are constantly striving to stay at the forefront of technology and share that knowledge with our dealers.   It is to our benefit that our dealers have access to the same level of technological understanding that we have.

Nettuno : When a major change occurs in the industry, such as the Sunset Clause of February 18, 2008, we provide authorized commercial dealers with a variety of materials, and discuss the topic in detail during meetings to make them aware of the issue and what we are doing in response.   We create literature for them, literature for their customers, letter templates, bill stuffers, etc.—whatever means we can find to help them help themselves and their customers.

Birkmeier: In many ways intelligent video represents one of the key changes occurring in the industry so being a part of the Arteco DDP really makes them play an active role in these changes instead of sitting on the sidelines.  Our dealers are the first to receive new updates in software through our interactive training.

Clarke: Monitronics has invested resources to provide dealers with the most efficient and advanced systems available. Custom applications allow our dealers to update accounts, review reports and place systems online quickly and easily. We also offer onsite and online training covering topics from basic installation to proper line seizure protocol and products.

Rzepka : We continue to develop new technologies so our dealers will have the ability to bring these technologies to market. We have been in remote video monitoring and interactive video surveillance technology for 35 years.


Q. Can the program help crack a particular vertical market a dealer may have been unable to on their own?

Namorato : Our Dealer Development Group identifies new and emerging markets. From there we look at ways to introduce dealers to these new opportunities. Our programs will help residential dealers enter the commercial market. We can help them expand into schools, casino and retail chains.

Birkmeier: One of the greatest benefits of our DDP system is the assistance we provide our partners in sales and marketing and this helps them target any vertical market.  We have had dealers enter new vertical markets based on leads from marketing programs within the DDP which include hospitals, corporate campuses, utility substations, and parking lots. 

  Nettuno : Just being a part of this authorized dealer program may help them enter markets they were previously unable to gain entry into.   In addition, we offer vertical market training seminars which may greatly benefit dealers interested in entering a variety of vertical markets.

Clarke: Our dealers enjoy the benefits of working with a company open to innovation and change. Recent partnerships have allowed us to provide even greater opportunities to our dealers with online and remote monitoring services now available to dealers and their customers.