IP Case in Point: Security for All Seasons

Networked video provides simple solutions for the complex needs of the County of Simcoe

For example, they had to install a network video recorder (NVR), which records the video from the network cameras and makes live and recorded video available over the Internet. They used a NVR because there was not enough existing fiber optic cable to provide the bandwidth needed to send video back to the server in the administration building. The NVR enabled officials to record video locally and view the video remotely using DSL.

The county is already looking ahead for bigger and better security plans in 2008. The second phase of the project will be to integrate many of the card access systems with the Axis network cameras.


About the author: Fredrik Nilsson is general manager of Axis Communications, a provider of IP-based network video solutions that include network cameras and video encoders for remote monitoring and security surveillance. This case study is part of a 10-article series that takes an in-depth look at the design challenges integrators face when implementing network video solutions in the real world. Previous articles have included case studies on wireless installations, complying with enterprise IT, large storage needs, large bandwidth needs and scalable systems.