CAREER LINK: Manager, Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Recovery

The manager of emergency preparedness and disaster recovery plans, develops and manages the corporate emergency preparedness/disaster recovery programs under senior management direction. He or she is responsible for the business strategies associated with the emergency preparedness/disaster recovery function within the organization and is accountable for planning, directing and organizing program activities and ensuring their effective operation.

Job Description:
Implements policies, procedures and systems required for maintaining and enhancing the overall mission.

Oversees the architecture of recovery systems to include data systems and data networks to ensure that the integrity and security of all electronic data and data systems are adequately protected. This includes procedure writing, program planning, project design and scheduling, training development and delivery, and emergency response facilities and equipment design, development and maintenance.

Designs, develops, and conducts facility and/or site drills and exercises which could include emergency response training drills, medical drills, fire response drills, nuclear incident monitoring drills and protective action drills. Determines the need for emergency plan changes and new procedures and ensures that any legally required formats are followed.
Coordinates with state and local emergency management authorities.

Maintains expert knowledge of the organization's processes and hazards; interfaces with engineering and operations staff to ensure appropriate development of a facility and/or site-specific hazard assessment and emergency classification procedure.

Prepares technical reports based on the expert interpretation of analyzed data.

Qualification Guidelines:
Master's degree in studies relevant to this position and more than six years of emergency management/disaster recovery experience with a major corporation and/or law enforcement, intelligence, public service or private-sector security organization; or a Bachelor's degree in studies relevant to this position and more than 10 years of emergency management/disaster recovery experience. Certification in emergency planning and/or crisis management is preferred.

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