A Winning Combination....First Runner-Up:

Several security technologies were combined to form a holistic solution at Tallahassee Regional Airport

Operator Performance Improved

The Florida State University (FSU) Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department conducted an independent study of situational awareness effectiveness before and after the incorporation of AWARE at Tallahassee Regional. Ph.D., Masters, and undergraduate students studied how the environment changes for the operators when moving from a task-oriented security center to one where situational awareness and automation is available. The thesis was that the operators will have more reliable and comprehensive information presented in a spatial manner that is easier and more effective to understanding and take appropriate actions.

The analysis involved 12 students randomly observing operators over an entire shift. The study included a four-month period and almost 600 hours of observation. The students found that situational awareness improved to 86 percent under the new system. “The results of the study show a clear improvement in situational awareness with the introduction of the RAPIN intervention during this study at [ Tallahassee Regional Airport ],” the research report says. “The large change in the level of the data, the non-overlap of the range of the data, and the nonoccurrence of trending problems between the intervention and nonintervention phases support the conclusion the RAPIN had an effective, socially significant impact on the situational awareness of the participants in this study.”

“This deployment is a perfect example of how modern technology can improve overall security by expanding upon existing infrastructure,” said Michael Borcherding, CEO of Abeo Corp., the project's systems integrator. “ Tallahassee Regional Airport represents the future of airport security made possible by a powerful, secure mesh network and the best security applications available today.”

This story was submitted by Bill Adams, CEO of CT Solutions LLC; and Steve Goldberg, president and CEO of Vidient Systems.