Cool as McCumber

Finding your surrogates

Using surrogates makes for good security practice. It provides a neutral no-man's-land between you and thorny personnel issues. In fact, you can even use surrogates in your personal life to make many issues more tolerable. Instead of fighting directly with a neighbor over a fence, for instance, use your homeowner's association to act as an intermediary to adjudicate the problem. If you don't have one, consider using the city manager's office, or even the local legal system.

Surrogates and intermediaries can go a long way to make you a more effective security practitioner, and can provide you peace of mind at home as well. Help eliminate stress from your job, and don't fight unnecessary battles. Let someone else take on that role.

I heard from Fred last week. He told me Chuck called him asking about potential job openings in other organizations.

John McCumber is a security and risk professional, and is the author of "Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems: A Structured Methodology," from Auerbach Publications. If you have a comment or question for him, please e-mail John at: