Remote Guarding: Video's Future?

Technological improvements have made the service viable for end-users

Today’s remote monitoring, then, is moving in a much different direction than earlier versions. What we have now is a solution that allows intervention prior to an incident, not simply recording it for later forensics. It has much higher levels of coverage than guard patrol since the system watches all cameras simultaneously. It provides for immediate response while still keeping the operators out of harm’s way. And, it does these things using less labor than you could do yourself.

Many of us can remember the days when it was common for large corporations to have their own guard force and their own central monitoring station. For all but a few, those days are gone — the economics of letting a specialist outsource the work as a service became simply too compelling. With the advent of the types of services that the Remote Guarding Alliance are advocating, I smell another change in the wind.

Rich Anderson is the president of Phare Consulting, a firm providing technology and growth strategies for the security industry. A 25-year veteran of high tech electronics, Mr. Anderson previously served as the VP of Marketing for GE Security and the VP of Engineering for CASI-RUSCO. He can be reached at