Technical Training—Who’s on the Bandwagon?

Training is an integral factor for many companies in the security industry and most recently, more and more leading professionals are getting onboard in taking their IP roadshows and training seminars across the country. In just the last...

A final example is HID Corp., Irvine, Calif. A leading global manufacturer of readers and credentials, as the company changed from 125kHz Proximity technology to its new and advanced iCLASS line they have found the need to educate all levels of the industry from dealers to the end-user. The HID online training portal was designed to meet just such a goal. This site has been training thousands of people for over three years from every corner of the globe. Users from the United States to China have learned the basics of mutual authentication, credential power and the new Smart Card capabilities from the convenience of their laptops and home computers. Since the course’s launch in August of 2005, more than 8,500 people from across the globe have taken the training. Go to

These examples are but a few of the initiatives being undertaken across the industry. Manufacturers will continue to be a driving force behind new training options, initiatives and certifications and will be a prime resource at all personnel levels in security.

Connie Moorhead is the President of The CMOOR Group and founder of