Technology Gets in Tune

Technology Gets in Tune with Central Stations

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) released Entré CS, the newest version of its popular Entré Access & Security Management System Software. This software provides central stations’ clients with managed access control, creating an opportunity for the central stations to expand the range of services offered and generate incremental recurring revenue. Entré CS enables integrated systems management, bringing together both security and access control in one package. It is expandable to adapt and grow services to accommodate changing customer needs, from a single area to multiple facilities. Additional features include remote panel programming that reduces the need for on-site service calls; multiple customer management capability from a single workstation; and optional modules to create customized service offerings, including card/badge production and video system management and others.

The SG-System I Receiver from DSC, a brand of Tyco Safety Products Canada, is a solution designed for businesses that carry out in-house monitoring of their security systems or for those smaller central stations that are looking for a receiver with similar functionality to the Sur-Gard System III receiver but do not require its larger capacity. It allows proprietary applications or central stations to receive alarm via traditional plain old telephone service (POTS) telephone lines or over an optional IP connection (using DSC’s T-Link or GS series of products). SG-System I uses a number of patented technologies, including ANI and DNIS reception to help decrease the online time of central monitoring stations. Additional benefits include patented Caller ID technology and a fast response time via patented Automatic Handshake Selection (AHS).

Surveillance and Monitoring Desk Systems from Middle Atlantic Products feature a flexible and adjustable design to make them a popular add-on to any type of security installation or environment. The Desk Systems feature ergonomically contoured edges, keyboard shelves and highly adjustable optional monitor supports for up to six screens per desk that allow placement of monitors at different heights to suit individual operators or line of sight beyond the desk. Desk surface heights measure at 30 inches to accommodate all sizes of users. Repositioned cable entry points on the desk surface provide improved cable management with added routing options from desk to monitors and uncluttered control surfaces.

Napco Security’s StarLink Full Data SL-1FD-T wireless alarm communicator reports to any central station and is compatible with any alarm panel brand using Contact ID and 4/2 format, permitting installs to remain largely unchanged. The wireless radio uses the GPRS data channel of GSM networks for dependable, high-speed alarm communications, supported by an extensive nationwide network (SIM card included). Even when SL-1FD-T is used as a backup system, it saves money because it transmits alarm events wirelessly only when telco fails, eliminating duplicate reporting and central station traffic. Activation, programming and signal verification are accessible 24-hours a day via phone or online. StarLink annual subscriber service is separately available (#SL-1SVC-1YR).

The VisorALARM-Plus IP receiver from Teldat emulates popular receiver formats, allowing seamless integration into existing conventional central station architectures. It supports up to three destination IP receiver addresses. Multiple IP addresses allow for additional equipment redundancies, giving central stations a multitude of configuration options. Possible configurations include using secondary IP receivers for backup or even clusters of two or more receivers for off-site disaster recovery purposes. The third IP receiver address can also serve as a maintenance receiver in an end-user’s facility to immediately inform maintenance personnel of any system troubles that need attending.

ToteVision offers an innovative dual, side-by-side 10-inch HD LCD monitor set (LCD-1048HDM2) that defies 19-inch rack mount limitations. These monitors are ideal for central station monitoring, displaying a larger screen size and supporting an HD signal and providing multiple In/Out connections. Single monitors (LCD-1048HDM) are also available. These units are a replacement for outdated 9-inch CRT monitors.