Mansion at Peachtree : Security Meets Luxury at Its Finest

Standing tall in the Atlanta skyline, The Mansion on Peachtree, Buckhead, Ga., a luxury boutique 127-room hotel that also offers 45 residences, wasted no time in planning an intricate security system that would meet both the needs of their guests and residents.

The developers and owners of The Mansion on Peachtree turned to Richard Lee, integrated systems consultant for Operational Security Systems Inc., Atlanta, to design a security system that could protect condominium owners, hotel guests and mansion staff, yet allow them free mobility throughout the premises. Lee recommended an integrated security approach that included the Symmetry Professional Security Management System from AMAG Technology, Torrance, Calif., integrated with a complete video system. The system includes a self-serve visitor management system for condo owners to allow guests entry.

A safe haven for tenants

Bioscrypt fingerprint readers are located throughout the premises to provide entrance from the garage into the building. The fingerprint readers allow condo owners to walk freely to the amenity floors without the inconvenience of having to carry a card or keys, according to Lee. “After all, this is their home,” Lee continued.

With security this tight, condo owners can use the web server to preauthorize their visitors. Owners log into the condominium association’s intranet, which is integrated with the Symmetry Professional SMS, and preauthorize any and all guests. Condo owners set expiration dates while the pre-enrolled visitor management function allows security personnel to issue proximity cards to visitors with access rights. It’s based on the name, password, date of arrival and duration of the visit. A proximity card is assigned to each guest and left at the concierge desk for pick-up by the guest. Guests are allowed access to the perimeter areas, to the condo owner’s floor and entrances specified by the owner.

Securing hotel guests and staff

The hotel implemented a photo ID system that doubles as an access card for staff. The hotel staff uses their cards to access back offices, computer rooms, cashiering services and computer rooms. They can also utilize the service elevator which is controlled by Symmetry. Symmetry’s alarm monitoring function is connected to the medical alert buttons in the sauna and duress buttons located throughout the hotel. The integration allows for a quick response if medical attention or security assistance is needed.

Cameras are positioned throughout the hotel, including in the elevator cabs and also throughout the entire perimeter of the Mansion, including the ramp areas of the parking garage and valet areas. Cameras line the condo and hotel lobbies, pool area, retail area and sauna check-in area. The security department operates from the 24/7 command center, which is located on the loading dock where employees clock in for their shift.

If an alarm sounds on the Symmetry system, the security officer is able to see it because so many cameras are placed throughout the hotel. When an alarm sounds, that camera view immediately enlarges on the screen, providing the officer a clear view of where the alarm is taking place. The number of cameras integrated with Symmetry makes it easy to decide what type of immediate action to take, if any is needed.

“Selecting the cameras was a challenge,” said Lee. “Any device that we installed had to meet the high level aesthetic design parameters of the building.” Still, the project for The Mansion on Peachtree was a success. “We met The Mansion’s requirements, stayed on budget and completed it on time. The Symmetry integration provided one solution that is easy to manage and operate for both hotel guests and condo owners,” continued Lee.

Plans are for The Mansion to add more cameras in the future, further boosting security.

Kim Rahfaldt is the manager of Public Relations, AMAG Technology.