CCTV—Which Wire Should You Use?

Coaxial cable: Coax is good for short wire runs in low-noise environments. Its thick copper construction yields low signal losses. As an unbalanced transmission-line, its interference immunity is poor compared to that of balanced twisted-pair cables and...

Direct-burial rated cable: This cable must be used in any environment where it could be exposed to moisture. This wire is polyethelene-jacketed (looks like drip-irrigation pipe) and gel-filled. Never use PVC jacketed wire in these environments, as water will permeate the jacket and the increased capacitance will ruin high-frequency performance.

Installers have many cable choices. While some choices are clearly wrong (STP, untwisted wire and failure to meet environment needs), others are more about performance and cost. The world is rapidly migrating to standards-based UTP solutions because they offer competitive improvements in both.

Dan Nitzan is the president of NVT, the leading manufacturer of UTP-based CCTV transmission soutions. Dan can be reached at