Cameras and Wireless Meet Social Networks

System-wide surveillance with some new twists

The Auburn schools were equipped with analog cameras and Pelco DX8100 Digital Video Recorders (DVR). Each school was connected to the wireless mesh network which allowed LA911 and Auburn Police to monitor emergency events should they occur. A Pelco VMX-300 Video Management System was also integrated into the network so that map based monitoring and remote IP camera systems could be deployed at strategic sites. IP video encoders, similar to those used to upgrade the Auburn analog camera systems, were deployed at the Lewiston schools. The video of the cameras was split between the on-site school surveillance recorders and the IP encoders. The video was then “streamed” to the centralized video servers which allowed off-site archiving and access by the relevant agencies.

From the ground up

Experience counts when tackling a project of this magnitude. Harty Norris started the company with a $2,000 loan, a very young family and lots of ambition. Growing the company from an installation firm the services he provided changed along with the industry through the decades before settling on specializing in the installation and distribution of fire alarms. “I went into distributing FireLite and Notifier, then took a hard look at the business and where it was going and realized I needed to go into everything low voltage.” At the same time, Hinckley was growing his business and expertise in microwave technologies and was instrumental in providing the surveillance technology for along the border between the U.S. and Mexico. “We decided to combine our efforts, so I joined Norris, they had the sales and service in place which was a great place to bring my knowledge of wireless technology,” Hinckley explained.

While experience counts, so does having strong relationships with the municipal organizations in communities. The company is extremely progressive about its work with technology and making it fit for any organization from border patrol work to keeping a watchful eye over citizens. “We are committed to being ahead of the industry and this means knowing everything about networks—all surveillance systems are going network based,” added Hinckley.