Hard Security

Perimeter security from barriers and bollards to turnstiles and door hardware

Outdoor Microwave Intrusion Detection

Southwest Microwave has unveiled the Model 310B-33456 Explosionproof Outdoor Microwave Intrusion Link for intrusion detection in the presence of flammable, combustible and easily ignitable materials. The sensor, which features a 328 foot (100 meter) detection range, is designed to operate at oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, petroleum or chemical storage facilities and other sites where hazardous materials are handled, processed or stored. Transmitter and receiver components are housed in weatherproof, explosion proof enclosures that meet ratings required for hazardous areas. The unit will alarm on a 77 lb (35 kg) target walking, running, jumping, rolling or crawling through the detection pattern.

Fence System

Omega II Fence Systems has introduced Harmony, a newly designed fence system. The fence’s curvaceous form gives an appealing touch to your landscape without sacrificing safety or security. Panels are made from high-strength welded steel wires, 4 Ga horizontal and 6 Ga vertical, with reinforcing bends and mesh openings of 1.75x7.75 inches. It is available in 4- and 6-foot heights and available in black (standard color) as well as many other colors on request.

HD License Plate Recognition

Avigilon’s High Definition (HD) License Plate Recognition (LPR) system is a fully integrated optical character recognition module for the supplier’s Control Center HD surveillance software. The system delivers single and multi-lane license plate recognition from a single camera with HD accuracy. It includes flexible post-incident search capabilities and on-screen and e-mail alerts from imported watch lists. It provides added security in parking lots and at border crossing checkpoints, and facilitates access control in secured parking facilities and gated communities for greater overall protection.

Fiber Optic Perimeter Protection System

Future Fibre Technologies has launched Secure Zone, a zone-based perimeter protection system. The system is a mid-range derivative of the supplier’s flagship product, Secure Fence. The system is equipped with the supplier’s ARaD technology, which uses signature recognition and advanced learning algorithms to “know” the difference between an environmental nuisance alarm and an attempted intrusion. The system also has the ability to interface and activate CCTV systems, lighting, gates, e-mail, plus a range of external devices and systems. The fiber optic sensor cable is easily attached to a fence to detect intrusion attempts, and the system can be configured so that if the cable is cut in one zone, the remaining 15 zones continue to operate normally.

Glass Barrier Optical Turnstile

Designed Security Inc.’s Invisigate Glass Barrier Optical Turnstile delivers tight access control while complementing the aesthetics of today’s building lobbies. The units enable high-speed throughput, while the glass barriers indicate to pedestrians that authorization is required to enter the secured area. The barrier starts 4 inches from the floor and can be configured to be as high as 6 feet, 8 inches — providing a full-height lockable barrier. The turnstile is field-configurable for card-in/card-out or card-in/free-exit operation with no additional programming.

Optical Turnstile

Boon Edam has introduced the Trilock 900, which provides an effective means of controlling pedestrian access. The unit features a reliable mechanism, stylish design and space-efficiency cabinet. A custom finish and modular concept enables the units to fit easily into most surroundings. Access through the turnstile is granted when authorization is accepted via an access control system or external control panel. Upon authorization, the mechanism unlocks and the armset is pushed for a rotation of 120 degrees.

License Plate Bollard Cameras

Vista has released a new range of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) bollard cameras, designed to capture number plates for situations where entry/exit barriers are already in use. The cameras can be used as standalone units or in conjunction with the supplier’s VNPR software. The use of IR LED illumination means that there is no need for regular bulb changes. It also ensures that reliable images can be collected day or night.

License Plate Recognition Integration

Genetec and iView Systems have partnered to integrate Genetec’s license plate recognition technology into iView’s iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management Platform. The Intelligent License Plate Recognition Software employs Genetec’s AutoVu Sharp IP-based license plate recognition camera, delivering advanced digital video processing and plate matching against registered license plates, vehicles and subjects within the iTrak reporting platform.

Glass Barrier Turnstile

Gunnebo Entrance Control Inc. has released the OptiStile 720 entrance control product, which incorporates customizable aesthetics to accent any entrance design. Features include variable glass shapes, style and color along with lid designs and custom finishes. The unit offers three distinct modes of operation (normally open; normally closed and optical only) which can be tailored to specific work flow, peak entry/exit hours and required level of security.

Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operator

Chamberlain Professional Products has introduced the LiftMaster Variable Speed Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operator (Model VSL 595). The unit is an ideal gate operator for commercial applications where securing an opening quickly and efficiently is vital to the location, such as airports and manufacturing plants. The unit is equipped with a high-starting torque, continuous-duty industrial DC motor and supports gate lengths up to 70 feet and 1,700 pounds. Other features include manual disconnect, an integrated three-button control station and an external reset button.