People Need Leadership, Not Management

Five leadership moves for lean

Leaders Create Change

The essential purpose of a leader is to do one thing: create change. Creating change is the only value-added activity a leader provides. Some of the other activities leaders perform are necessary, and perhaps no leader creates change all of the time. But what percent of your time are you leading vs. managing?

To effectively chart the course, a leader must have a clear grasp of current reality. This means going beyond the numbers. A leader must be able to understand the good, the bad and the ugly. Without a good leader, nothing changes.

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Derrick Wright, CPP, is the security manager for Baxter Healthcare, Cherry Hill, N.J. With more than 19 years of progressively higher management experience in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, he has built a converged security program that focuses on top-of-mind business issues as well as technology interoperability to support improved business processes. He is a member of the Security Executive Council and the Convergence Council of the Open Security Exchange (OSE).