Product Showcase

Extended Storage NVR Vicon Industries Inc., has introduced the “NVR Shadow,” an NVR pre-loaded with ViconNet video management software and including up to 6.5 TB of usable, internal storage space in RAID 5 configuration. In addition to...

Entry-Level DVRs

Dedicated Micros has unveiled its entry-level EcoSense DVR (Digital Video Recorder), designed to deliver low-cost, multi-channel recording with simultaneous playback and viewing. A key new feature is the integration of on-board help videos to assist the end-user with operation and product configuration. The unit can be controlled through a touch sensitive front panel or, if preferred, via a mouse, remote control or keyboard. This capability gives users full and easy access to all of the DVR’s features including PTZ control, alarm and event management and activity detection. Available in a choice of 16-, 8- or 4-channel models, the DVRs deliver global record rates of up to 200pps (PAL) and 240 pps (NTSC).

Intelligent Recorders with VLM

TimeSight Systems’ intelligent video recorders featuring Video Lifecycle Management (VLM) technology won the prestigious SIA New Product Showcase “Best Video Device” at ISC West. The units continually reduce the size of stored video over time, saving up to 90 percent of the storage normally required for storing quality video surveillance data. With the addition of the supplier’s MORe (Motion Optimized Recording) capabilities, further intelligence is applied to allow the capture and storage of all video by storing the ‘non-motion’ video at highly compressed footprints and much lower frame rates than motion-oriented video, resulting in storage savings.  

Intelligent Storage Servers

Aberdeen LLC has introduced its Stirling series of scalable storage servers featuring the Intel Xeon Processor 5500. The servers are scalable from 4TB up to 400TB of storage capacity. The Intel microarchitecture, formerly code-named Nehalem, improves performance by increasing processor frequency and enabling faster speeds. Other features include: up to 96GB triple channel DDR3 memory capacity, maximum memory bandwidth up to 32GB/s, redundant power chassis, simultaneous SATA/SAS hard drive integration and an increased emphasis on expandability via SAS expansion.

DVR with Simultaneous Playback

SAMSUNG | GVI Security’s SHR-8000 Series DVRs enable users to simultaneously review playback while recording in real-time. The DVRs achieve real-time, full D1 resolution at 480IPS high-quality recording. The units include Net-I client software, which enables high-definition video display while live video is recording onto a hard disk. The standalone units enable users to pan/tilt/zoom any camera on the network. The units provide disk storage of 500 GB SATA HDD standard of 6x 1TB HDD capacity.

Scalable Storage System

Nexsan Technologies’ SATABoy system is a highly scalable storage system that enables cost-effective storage of large amounts of information online. The system features high-capacity storage of up to 14TB in just 3U of rack space. It features the supplier’s AutoMAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) technology, which enables the system to place its disk drives into an idle state to conserve energy yet provide near-instantaneous access to data.

Digital Video Hard Drive

Seagate’s SV35.5 Series hard drives are specifically designed for digital video surveillance systems. The hard drive provides a number of advantages for video surveillance environments over standard hard drives, including: performance-tuned 140 MB/s sustained sequential data rates and ATA-7 streaming commands for high-speed transfers. With disk capacities from 250GB to 1TB, the hard drive offers flexible DVR design capabilities as a video surveillance DVR, network DVR, or for direct and network-attached JBOD video surveillance storage.

Internet-Based NVR

Toshiba Surveillance and IP Network Video has announced the availability of the Toshiba IPS Series of Internet-based network video recorders (NVR).Compatible with the supplier’s and other IP cameras, the NVRs record from cameras at their encoded resolution, including high-resolution megapixel cameras, without degradation in video quality. On-board software provides security administrators with simultaneous recording, playback and remote streaming of live video images retrievable on their remote or local PC, along with comprehensive search capabilities of archives. They are available in 32-, 16- and 8-channel versions with 500 GB, 1TB or 2TB hard-drive storage.