Product Showcase

Extended Storage NVR Vicon Industries Inc., has introduced the “NVR Shadow,” an NVR pre-loaded with ViconNet video management software and including up to 6.5 TB of usable, internal storage space in RAID 5 configuration. In addition to...

Hybrid DVR/NVR

3VR Security has released its S-Series SmartRecorder, a true hybrid DVR/NVR, offering video management features and expandability without sacrificing support for video analytic, biometric, data integration and search features. An open integration platform enables users to quickly and easily incorporate important data from other systems. The unit's durable exterior, heat-resistant structure and compact dimensions also enable the platform to be versatile enough for confined spaces, such as ATMs and kiosks.

Four-Camera NVR

The Plustek NVR 4000 is a network video recorder which enables users to connect four IP cameras into one hub that can record and store the video streams for easy retrieval for up to 14 days. The included NVR Multi-Manager software enables users with multiple cameras to view up to 16 channels of surveillance images on a single screen. Now with megapixel camera support, the unit enables the user to zoom in and closely follow changing details in a video stream.