The Lean Management System: Leadership Discipline

The purpose of lean management is to sustain a lean production system. Without a lean management system, lean implementation often falters, sometimes fails, and virtually never delivers up to its long-run promises. So, what sustains the lean management...

Keep Yourself Honest: This is not about who is “on board” with the new program, nor about being a quick study. This is about learning to think differently by having been involved in acting differently. The leaders in your organization represent your greatest leverage. If anything, you should be more demanding of their speed in progressing on the lean learning curve, which will mean requiring them to go to gemba and, once there, to become directly involved.

Finally, prepare yourself to be reminded on occasion by others of your own need to more faithfully follow the principles.

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Derrick Wright, CPP, is the security manager for Baxter Healthcare, Cherry Hill, N.J. With more than 19 years of progressively higher management experience in a highly regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, he has built a converged security program that focuses on top-of-mind business issues as well as technology interoperability to support improved business processes. Derrick is a member of the Security Executive Council and the Convergence Council of the Open Security Exchange (OSE), where he provides insight and direction for working group activities.