New Concepts Return Flexibility to the Data Center

If you were wondering what the data center has to do with the central station business, look around. Central stations have become data centers in and of their own rights; and their capacities will expand as monitoring of services and remote technologies...

If intelligently integrated into a data center’s cooling systems, ASEers can save energy across the operating spectrum, provide benefits for operational issues and reduce carbon footprints. In order for ASEers to provide these gains, however, they must be used in combination with a heat containment methodology. Without heat containment, the ASEer advantage is minimized.

In this new era of competition for data center cooling, the concept of heat containment is logical and practical. The organized delivery of intake and exhaust airstreams, as well as advances in the comfort cooling industry, have combined to make new levels of operating efficiency available and remove constraints/return flexibility to the data center manager.

Carl Cottuli is a recognized air flow management expert. He is vice president of Products and Services at Wright Line,