The Video Side of Convergence

When companies switch from analog to digital video, they open up many more options for surveillance systems.

If the access system or alarm sensor detects unwanted activity, the digital video recorder (DVR) can be programmed to capture more images of the incident. Security guards, managers, administrators, business owners and even law enforcement can be notified upon an alarm via their PC, laptop, PDA, cell phone or pager, notifying them of the alarm and where it is located so they can remedy the problem.

Likewise, if the video system detects motion or whatever other incidents the system is looking for, the access control system is triggered to lock down doors in some cases or open all doors. Alerts are likewise sent to any and all personnel who need to be alerted of what is happening.

The user can program the DVR with conditions that count as alarms, based on object size and location within a scene. Once the alarm is triggered, the DVR displays images from multiple cameras associated with the alarm area and sends a message to pre-selected e-mail addresses.

A hospital example

A hospital will want to secure the exits so that in the event of an infant abduction or a disaster they can secure the perimeter of the hospital in order to prevent someone from going out unnoticed. Thus, the access control system must integrate smoothly with DVRs. In alarm situations or unauthorized entry, the video should be tagged automatically so incidents are located instantly.

With the digital system, administrators can quickly locate an incident, create an evidence CD and turn it over to police for further investigation. That ability has led to many cases being solved and in lowering the hospital’s liability.

An IP video platform also helps create full-package business solutions that include both software and product suites for specific security and business productivity needs as wanted by scores of vertical market applications; ranging from point of sale (POS) to traffic flow, digital guards, virtual fences and others found in the creativeness of security professionals and the new departments with which they will partner.

Mike Capulli, SAMSUNG l GVI, is security senior vice president of North American Sales.