Integrating Access Control with Video

Dealers, integrators and resellers aren’t just talking about integrating access control with video—they are doing it. Card transactions, associated video and badging photos need to be viewed simultaneously, eliminating the need to access...

So how does the system tie together during an incident? Steach said he received a call from a staff member on a Saturday evening, stating that his car had been broken into. Among the items stolen was his identification badge, which also serves as the proximity card needed for building access.

“From my laptop at home, I checked a past history report to verify that the badge hadn’t been used, checked the status of the school, pulled the cameras up to be sure nobody was in the school and deactivated the badge,” related Steach. “I took care of all this from home in about five minutes.”

Steach added that, had the badge been used from the time it was stolen until he deactivated it, he could have checked the video to see if the person was still there and notified the police to go to the school at once.

The access control system world is not one of black or white. There are many shades of gray. A new generation of electronic locks, video systems and security management software offers many options for you to design custom applications for your customers and keep them moving forward with flexibile, scalable technology.

Gary D’Aries, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, is the vice president, Schlage Software and Controllers.