IP Camera Applications

New technologies and opportunities await end-users

Technology Leads to ROI

Some of these examples are non-traditional, but does that make them any less valid? The more options that you consider, the more you may realize that a video system can do more than just reduce crime or reduce liability in your facility. A video system used in a non-traditional way could help you dramatically increase your return on investment. One of the most powerful characteristics of the convergence movement is that technologies can be used in new and innovative ways that improve business as a whole, not just improve a video, voice or data system.

Perhaps now is not the time for you to take advantage of all of these opportunities. There is nothing wrong with saying that this is not the right time for a particular kind of system — because there is no good reason to implement technology for technology’s sake. These ideas however, are worth keeping in mind, as technology develops further. Perhaps you will come up with an idea of your own which is tailored for your particular vertical. Using video in ways that you never thought about before may not only help you make money, and help secure your facility, but it may be easier than you think.

Robert E. LaBella Jr. is a consultant at Aggleton & Associates Inc., a security consulting and systems design firm in the New York Metro Area. During his career Mr. LaBella has both designed and managed projects requiring large scale integration. He can be reached at Robert.labella@aggleton.com