Watching The Waterside

Video surveillance upgrades enable Waterside Festival Marketplace General Manager Lane Brown to craft a retail security plan

“We can easily access the recorded video directly from the DVRs or through the matrix switcher and often use the video surveillance system to review incidents after the fact,” he adds. “We consult surveillance recordings two or three times a week to go back and investigate something to see what really happened. We can go back in time and review any cameras to see where an incident started and how it followed through. This has been useful countless times to verify what actually happened.

“For example, there was one incident in which someone was injured, and the story we were given turned out to be very inaccurate,” Brown continues. “The parents were very much up in arms and were prepared to start causing legal problems. But when we watched the recorded footage, we got a completely different story on the sequence of events.”

In addition to its primary use at The Waterside, the video surveillance system has been a helpful tool for law enforcement officials. “We have provided information to the local police department,” Brown says. “I have had police officers come over with reports they believe to be accurate. We verify and supplement their reports by accessing the video footage of an incident and reviewing it from start to finish from different camera angles.”

Tri-Tronics has been working with Brown and The Waterside for nearly 10 years. Although they helped design the system originally, Brown says that he and his staff perform their own troubleshooting when there is a problem with a connection.

The upgraded system at The Waterside also includes four new monitors.

“The new monitors will be placed into a security/information kiosk in the food court area, to give the security officer a place to be and to serve as reinforcement to visitors that there is a surveillance function in the area for their safety and security,” Brown says.