Integrated Systems: The Power Equation and PoE

New day dawning—and it’s all good

“The other issue is that PoE was slowly progressing and didn’t really move fast enough for a lot of the manufacturers, so they went ahead and engineered what they thought the PoE should be,” commented Kevin Leary, director of Technology, Quasar Technologies. “They created a market and now have this huge legacy base of products that don’t adhere to today’s technology.”

Others contend there is no debate about PoE or the benefits of delivering power and data over a single structured cable. According to Altronix’s Forman, “the simplicity of installation and ability to centrally manage power for networked devices is readily apparent.”

Luckily, companies are aware that not all IP devices are PoE-enabled and are providing the solutions to power those networked devices.

Debuting their new PoE midspan solution during a press dinner at ISC West 2009, Altronix recently unveiled NetWay, a solution for IP products.

“We’re looking forward to having our products installed on the network so we can save the installers’ time and money,” said Forman as he presented Altronix’s complete package of PoE solutions to the press corps attending the function.

Netway delivers a solution for IP video systems in eight- and 16-port configurations that accommodates both PoE and conventional IP cameras, including networked PTZ devices. The Netway line-up also includes a single-port midspan injector; repeater to extend the range an additional 328 feet; and 15- and 30-watt adapters for fixed or PTZ cameras.

The overall message is clear: PoE is a solution aimed at reducing dependency on new cable and lowering overall installation costs while providing power over the network. Standards and new solutions will continue to develop—what’s certain is that integrators will be able to use them for their customers and add value to system installs.

Go Get It
Here are some selected PoE providers:

This list may not be representative of the entire PoE market.

American Fibertek
Aventura Technologies
EtherWAN Systems
Fluke Networks
HD Communications
Microsemi (formerly PowerDsine)
Phihong USA
Quasar Technologies
Stealth Labs
Tyco Electronics (AMP Netconnect)


PoE Products

Ditek Corp., Largo, Fla., released the DTK-MRJPOE and DTK-RM12POE surge protectors for PoE systems. The MRJPOE protects single devices such as PoE cameras and access control keypads while the RM12POE protects injectors, midspans and networking equipment. It can also serve as a patch panel and wire management system with built-in surge protection. For more information, visit

EtherWAN Systems, Anaheim, Calif., unveiled a line of commercial, Web-managed Ethernet switches with PoE capability. The EX17008 eight-port switch and EX17016 16-port switch provide power for IP-equipped CCTV cameras, telephone equipment or wireless access points over the same cable that carries the Ethernet signal. Both switches have internal power supplies and may be powered from 100 to 240VAC, 50 or 60Hz. For more information, visit

HD Communications Corp., Ronkonkoma, N.Y., introduced its new In-Wall, Wi-Fi, data, VoIP and PoE device, designed specifically for the hotel, enterprise and residential markets and for locations wired for Ethernet and Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6. The HD27000 is an 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.3af PoE-compliant, wireless access point with multiple SSID’s allowing users to set up both public and private networks. For more information, visit

Quasar Technologies, Kennesaw, Ga., released the Intelligent Ethernet Smart Switches, designed to simplify installation, provisioning, maintenance and scalability of IP networks. The Smart Switches offer Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Quasar’s “plug n’ go” multicast capabilities, provide a 10/100 or 10/100/1000 Mbps redundant optical or copper backbone. Ethernet appliances interface the network through one of the available RJ-45 ports. For more information, visit