Call to Duty

Video meets access control

End-users of the technology also appreciate the flexibility they have for using the technology; to receive alerts and monitor sites from their PDAs and laptops. “Video is an add-on and a feature a customer really appreciates. Combined with sensors, customers depend on the e-mail alerts and when brought together with video—the level of awareness and control to the customer increases the value to them,” said Bob McCarthy, director of Product Management,, McLean, Va.

In order for video verification to grow in the residential market, McCarthy supports the notion of educating the consumer on the value of having the right technology with built-in safeguards. “This technology will be integrated into the central station as it has with commercial installations.” The growth, he said, will be through letting the customers choose which cameras can be seen by the central station. “Commercial customers want the central station to see everything. Residences want the central station to see the entrances only.”