Turning Touchdowns Into a Family Business

Carter Bros. take their dream and run with it

The Carters recently discussed fire alarm installations with SD&I as an area of the industry providing unique challenges while also offering future growth potential. “In large scale, design-build systems every installation is somewhat unique and each has its own challenges. We have regularly worked with system installations in a variety of mixed-use campus and high-rise buildings. Most of these are occupied during the installation,” said John Carter. To make these types of projects work, he said, integrators need to be flexible and work around the businesses, guests or residents occupying the buildings with little to no interruption in their lives.

There is also a continued emphasis in fire on the value of service and maintenance, which the Carters verify as a main component to their company growth. “Our customers entrust us with the vital responsibility of protecting their lives and property. We work to continuously improve our delivery through our people and technology. That’s why we’ve partnered with BuildingReports.com for several years to provide verified testing and enhance our delivery,” explained Cris Carter. “Using Firescan our technicians are able to verify testing of each device and upload reports the same day to the customer.”

Success has come with a lot of dedication and for Cris he was able to parlay what he was doing on the football field into a business venture which presented plenty of challenges and a learning curve. “Businesses are a team made up of owners, general managers, coaches, players, trainers, etc. On a team, each player has a designated role or assignment,” explained Cris Carter. “Each player, while responsible for an individual task, must come together within the team framework to form a cohesive unit.”


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