Security Partnership Tackles the Great Outdoors

Northern exposure no problem for this team

Of course, when you’re talking about Alaska, the topic of weather is sure to come up.

“The huts are located in one of the harshest environments in the world,” said Symmetric Interconnect Systems Inc. president Jeff Trick, product distributor. “MTA hasn’t had a reader fail and it can be 50 degrees below zero in the winter--a very unique environment.”


What We Learned from this Story
Big cities aren’t the only ones upgrading infrastructures. Across the country, like MTA, many telecommunications, municipalities and other industrial and institutional facilities are deploying the latest communications and connectivity. And as they do, they need security. For the systems integrator with expertise in software and other products that can tie automation, security, video and access control together, opportunities abound.


Project Specs
Key Partners: MTA; Siemens Building Technologies; Symmetric Interconnect Systems
Key Suppliers: AMAG Technology—Symmetry
Security Professional Security Management System and Symmetry Enterprise Networked Video System; SBT building management and automation software; and Pelco cameras.


Hand Warmers for Keypads
Readers deployed in the cold climate at the remote huts host a wired heating strip to stay operational. The heating strip adheres to the inside of the reader with a weatherproof gasket kit and is wired to battery power. An inverter converts the 48 DC from the battery plant to 110 AC to run the panel transformers. The transformers consist of one 18V AC to run the panel and one 24V AC to run the locks and heating strip.