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Question: I’ve been required to downsize my property protection staff. What can I do to maintain my current level of protection with a smaller force?   Fortune 500: George Campbell, Former CSO, Fidelity Investments It is...

Services and Products Provider: Dan Dunkel,
President, New Era Associates

IP network and wireless security products, such as video analytics and access control/intrusion detection, combined with next-generation behavioral modeling database technologies, are one option for decreasing headcount while maintaining protection. The days of security guards watching tons of video screens are drawing to a close. Manpower alone cannot cost-effectively scale to match the continuous flow of information being generated from network-attached devices. Information technology must be deployed to complement physical guarding by automating the process of distinguishing actionable information from “noise.”
Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions are gaining acceptance; they are helping reduce false alarms while managing actionable intelligence in real-time through pre-set processes. The requirement to make sense out of the “data tonnage” situation and determine what to respond to and what to ignore will automate a reduced security staff while increasing effectiveness levels and streamlining reporting.