Product Focus: Video Analytics

Hybrid Searchable Video Recorder

3VR Security, the searchable surveillance manufacturer, released the S-Series SmartRecorder, built on 3VR’s searchable surveillance platform. The S-Series is a hybrid DVR/NVR offering video management features and expandability without sacrificing support for the video analytic, biometric, data integration and search features. With enterprise management and bandwidth optimization features, it’s a solution for large and small businesses alike. For more information, visit

LAN Validation Tests

Fluke Networks released its LAN validation tests. The product introduction is part of its EtherScope Network Assistant which performs LAN validation tests. This eliminates performance failures that would otherwise be discovered by actual users in the course of normal business operations. The tests are made up of the expanded service performance tool and the improved Ethernet performance tests suite. For more information, visit

Video Streaming

MATE unveiled the Trigger-NG, an analytic encoder offering 4CIF resolution and MJPEG/MPEG-4 video streaming along with video analytics. Trigger-NG supports eight video analytics detection rules plus object classification. An analog output provides video with analytic overlay to monitors and DVRs. Designed and built for challenging indoor and outdoor environments, it has built-in scene-learning and self-calibrating algorithms that ignore disturbances delivering superior object detection with extremely low false alarm rates. For more information, visit

Detection Scenarios

In Behavior Watch version 4.0, MATE unveils a rule dependency feature allowing users to combine multiple detection rules using Boolean logic. This capability offers decreased false alarms while accommodating unique detection scenarios. MATE has also increased its channel capacity offering systems with up to 12 cameras on a single server. For more information, visit

IP Video Management

Milestone Systems’ XProtect Analytics LPR system detects, reads and stores license plate information from a digital video stream. It is designed to control vehicle access for such applications as traffic surveillance and law enforcement, toll and parking management, gas stations, transportation or any other scenarios and situations where there is a need for registration, recognition and detection of vehicle license plates. The system works when it receives video streams from a camera. This video stream is analyzed and license plates are automatically detected. The license plate information is then checked against the system that determines which actions are initiated automatically, such as opening a gate barrier for specific cars or sending an alarm. For more information, visit

Retail Traffic Analysis

Verint’s Nextiva retail traffic analysis helps retailers understand shopper behavior and trends by providing insight into in-store promotions and advertising campaigns, identifying traffic flow patterns and measuring dwell-time, helping to ensure proper product placement on shelves and aisles. By using a video analytics tool, retailers can extract and search customer behaviors through an easy-to-use video management application. For more information, visit

Megapixel Cameras

Ranging from standard to 3.1 megapixel high-definition cameras, Pelco’s IX Series systems feature H.264 compression for optimized image quality and minimized bandwidth, along with MJPEG or MPEG-4 compression for the flexibility to meet various system requirements. IX Series cameras also come with built-in Pelco analytics and run additional third-party analytic suites. For more information, visit

Intelligent Video Software

Offering investigation tools to analyze increasing amounts of video, Ocularis from On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. has been updated. The new version enables advanced detection of events, investigation, shared alert management, bookmarking and export of evidence—all within seconds. A day of video footage can be compressed into a 60-second video clip. For more information, visit

VMS Update

March Networks released the newest version of its Video Management System (VMS) software. VideoSphere VMS Release 2.1 supports up to 128 IP cameras per server as well as analog cameras connected to VideoSphere Edge and third-party encoders. VMS 2.1 enables organizations to proactively monitor and maintain the health of their entire IP video infrastructure, including servers, cameras and encoders, through health alert monitoring conducted remotely over the network. For more information, visit




IP Camera Domes

Vicon Industries Inc. introduced the VND-970IP camera dome. The camera provides an affordable IP option for indoor installations that require multiple cameras to provide blanket coverage, such as within retail properties and airports. The open platform VND-970IP can be remotely managed and controlled from any ViconNet video management station running software version 5.6 or later. For more information, visit

Network Video

Axis Communications’ P33 Network Camera Series is specifically designed for efficient installation in both indoor and harsh outdoor environments. Features include two-way audio support and video intelligence such as video motion detection, audio detection and detection of camera tampering attempts. In addition, the P33 camera series offer a built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot and video streams in H.264 compression. For more information, visit

Speed and Accuracy

The New Athena IP Speed Dome Series oQ-230/35X/WDR from Quaddrix Technologies combines all the PTZ capabilities and functions of the traditional Athena 230 series. The series is one of the newest additions to Quaddrixs’ new IP Line called openQ. For more information, visit

Image Sensor Upped

Panasonic System Solutions Co. released its new 3D Image Sensor which works in full ambient light for access control applications, anti-tailgating and high-sensitivity automatic door applications. The sensor has a variety of additional potential applications including people counting via detecting presence of a body and also, as an elevator sensor. For more information, visit

Fisheye Lens

Sunex, Inc. announced the DSL216 fisheye lens which features a 187 degree field of view (FOV), which is optimized for sensors with multi-megapixel resolution. The lens features a small form factor of about 16mm maximum diameter and a total track of about 18mm. The lens barrel is threaded M12x0.5 (S-mount) to fit most standard, board-level configurations. In addition, the lens assembly features a sealed first element for protection from the infiltration of dust and water. The new DSL216 is in production and samples can be purchased online at For more information, visit

Specialty Lenses

Weighing only 4.4 pounds, the Optimo 15-40mm hand-held zoom lens from Thales Angenieux has a range of 15-40mm (diagonal 31.1mm), a minimum object distance of two feet and offers constant superior levels of optical performance across the entire 2.7X zoom range. An aperture speed of T2.6 provides a very narrow depth of field and allows shooting across a vast lighting range. The lens features mechanics designed for precision and durability and incorporates an exclusive optical design from the manufacturer. For more information, visit




Online Resource

Bosch’s Security Knowledge Base is an online service that provides customers access to articles, tips and solutions for support. The online database, which can be accessed from the Internet or downloaded to a laptop, currently features more than 2,800 articles on topics ranging from configuring IP video encoders to clearing memory on fire alarm control panels. For more information, visit

Modular Plug Crimp Tool

Platinum Tools, a provider of solutions for the installation and hand termination of wire and cable, introduced the All-In-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool. It is designed for telecom and network, security, residential structured wiring, whole house and custom install professional and commercial audiovisual applications. The tool terminates a wide range of plugs and strips a broad array of cables, replacing up to five other tools. The All-In-One eliminates the problem of not having the right tool for the task. For more information, visit

Fiber Optic Kits

OT Systems introduced two new Micro Fiber Combos, fiber installation kits containing an eight-bit-digital transmitter and receiver with power supplies. Ideal for simple camera-to-monitoring station installations using a fiber backbone, these off-the-shelf combos come in single-channel video processing for simple camera to monitor installations or bi-directional video and data processing for cameras with PTZ as well as monitoring requirements. For more information, visit

Situation Management Solutions

Orsus, manufacturer of solutions to coordinate the interaction between people, alerting sources and responses, announced the launch of Situator Version 6 with a Situation Management Solutions Library, an enhanced software platform. The new library is comprised of solutions including executive tracking and visitor tracking. Tracking Solutions provides a consolidated view of the location and status of all assets and alerts on various conditions such as “entering a restricted zone.” Also available is the Route Management family of solutions including vehicle route management and guard route management which provide alerts on such conditions as vehicles or guards that move off course or are idle for too long. For more information, visit



Featured Products

Universal Button Upgrade

STI added new touch-free and cost-effective features to its Universal Button Line, including the patented NoTouch® technology. To exit, a person must wave their hand in front of the device, from about one-half to four inches away. The infrared picks up the motion and unlatches the time-adjustable door. The pneumatic button has a mechanical adjustable timer which opens or closes a circuit and has a timed delay before resetting. It does not require power for actuation and has a timer life of over 1,000,000 operations. For more information, visit

Mobile Software Security

Callpod launched Keeper, its first mobile software application for Smartphones. Currently available for the iPhone, Keeper allows users to quickly and easily store all sensitive passwords, notes, lists and other personal information in a safe and secure environment. Keeper allows users to fully search, index and protect information with multi-layer encryption. It stores secret passwords and sensitive information on the user’s device, backed up on your PC/Mac rather than online. For more information, visit

Campus Security Solutions

Rave Guardian is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fully-hosted solution from Rave Wireless Inc. that is deployed without any hardware or software to install. It works on any cell phone and network in the U.S. and fits into existing police dispatch processes. The two-way mobile phone safety solution is used by campus police departments nationwide and provides information that police may not receive through a traditional 911 call, such as a personal photo, physical description, pertinent health information, emergency contacts and more. For more information, visit

Climate Control

CMT Inc released their newest, fully upgraded, Habitat Monitor® Climate Security System, Model HM4. The Habitat Monitor® is designed for a controlled climate environment where temperature and humidity ranges must be preserved to prevent damage, deterioration or contamination of product, electrostatic discharge or loss of sterility. For more information, visit

M2M Applications

The M2M Developer Exchange™ from Numerex Corp. synchronizes with other enabling tools already available to Numerex customers, such as the access portals for flexible mobile account management and the online technical Wweb support site. Here, the users can download the latest hardware specification sheets and product catalogs and submit technical support requests for online assistance or other application-centered status. The Exchange includes Numerex Developer Forums where machine to machine (M2M) market participants can get quick answers to technical problems and gain industry insight on a variety of topics. For more information, visit

Technology Spotlight

AISight™ Works with PTZ

Some video analytic products on the market could control only the positioning of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras because the constant movement of the camera renders rules-based systems ineffective. But Behavioral Recognition Systems Inc. (BRS Labs), Houston, changed that with its latest AISight™ Cognitive Video Analytics™ software. This new release of AISight takes visual input from the various positions of a PTZ camera, automatically learns and stores what activities and behaviors are normal for each view and generates real-time alerts that notify appropriate security personnel of potentially threatening abnormal behaviors, all without human involvement or training. No pre-programming or extensive setup is required, so customers can have it up and running on large-scale video surveillance networks in just a few days.

“AISight’s Cognitive Video Analytics technology is based on an ‘observe-learn-respond’ methodology,” said Ray Davis, CEO of BRS Labs. “Now, analytics can be applied to PTZ cameras with our new release. We recognized the expanded use of PTZs by the industry as a cost-saving trend and developed video analytics that work as effectively on these cameras as they do on fixed-position cameras.” For more information, visit

Technology UPDATE

Newest Version of iCVR Management Software

VideoIQ, the maker of intelligent surveillance cameras and encoders with a built-in DVR, announced new capabilities in the latest version of its VideoIQ View video management and camera/encoder software. View is a video management software suite with the VideoIQ iCVR family of intelligent video surveillance cameras and encoders that provide customers with proactive security protection.

The latest version of VideoIQ View software provides new capabilities in the area of alarm notification, analytic capability, recording flexibility and video review, according to Scott Schnell, president/CEO of VideoIQ, Bedford, Mass.

Upgraded enhancements and features include browser access to both live video and alarm clips; automatic e-mail notification; recorded video export; 30fps; and an automated archive. For more information, visit

Technology Spotlight

Wireless Solutions

DSC, a Tyco company, showcased a number of wireless solutions at ISC West. More homes and businesses are moving away from traditional phone lines to Voice over IP (VoIP) or mobile phones, and the company continues to address this trend as well as others. The GS2060 GSM/GPRS Wireless Alarm Communicator provides an alternate delivery method for alarm communication in residential and commercial environments.

When connected to a DSC Power Series PC1864/1832/1616 control panel, alarm reporting paths can be combined through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the GSM/GPRS channels. It conveniently makes use of the GPRS data channel of the GSM network as backup to ensure high speed and secure alarm communications.

Another wireless offering from DSC is the ALEXOR control panel that communicates wirelessly to DSC wireless peripherals– both two-way and with other DSC 433MHz wireless devices. Because it is a distributed system, the panel is not attached to the keypad physically, but rather wirelessly. Installers have fewer holes to drill and fewer wires to pull, making it easier to install than traditional wired or hybrid systems. For more information, visit