Product Focus: Video Analytics

Hybrid Searchable Video Recorder 3VR Security, the searchable surveillance manufacturer, released the S-Series SmartRecorder, built on 3VR’s searchable surveillance platform. The S-Series is a hybrid DVR/NVR offering video management features...

Platinum Tools, a provider of solutions for the installation and hand termination of wire and cable, introduced the All-In-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool. It is designed for telecom and network, security, residential structured wiring, whole house and custom install professional and commercial audiovisual applications. The tool terminates a wide range of plugs and strips a broad array of cables, replacing up to five other tools. The All-In-One eliminates the problem of not having the right tool for the task. For more information, visit

Fiber Optic Kits

OT Systems introduced two new Micro Fiber Combos, fiber installation kits containing an eight-bit-digital transmitter and receiver with power supplies. Ideal for simple camera-to-monitoring station installations using a fiber backbone, these off-the-shelf combos come in single-channel video processing for simple camera to monitor installations or bi-directional video and data processing for cameras with PTZ as well as monitoring requirements. For more information, visit

Situation Management Solutions

Orsus, manufacturer of solutions to coordinate the interaction between people, alerting sources and responses, announced the launch of Situator Version 6 with a Situation Management Solutions Library, an enhanced software platform. The new library is comprised of solutions including executive tracking and visitor tracking. Tracking Solutions provides a consolidated view of the location and status of all assets and alerts on various conditions such as “entering a restricted zone.” Also available is the Route Management family of solutions including vehicle route management and guard route management which provide alerts on such conditions as vehicles or guards that move off course or are idle for too long. For more information, visit



Featured Products

Universal Button Upgrade

STI added new touch-free and cost-effective features to its Universal Button Line, including the patented NoTouch® technology. To exit, a person must wave their hand in front of the device, from about one-half to four inches away. The infrared picks up the motion and unlatches the time-adjustable door. The pneumatic button has a mechanical adjustable timer which opens or closes a circuit and has a timed delay before resetting. It does not require power for actuation and has a timer life of over 1,000,000 operations. For more information, visit

Mobile Software Security

Callpod launched Keeper, its first mobile software application for Smartphones. Currently available for the iPhone, Keeper allows users to quickly and easily store all sensitive passwords, notes, lists and other personal information in a safe and secure environment. Keeper allows users to fully search, index and protect information with multi-layer encryption. It stores secret passwords and sensitive information on the user’s device, backed up on your PC/Mac rather than online. For more information, visit

Campus Security Solutions

Rave Guardian is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fully-hosted solution from Rave Wireless Inc. that is deployed without any hardware or software to install. It works on any cell phone and network in the U.S. and fits into existing police dispatch processes. The two-way mobile phone safety solution is used by campus police departments nationwide and provides information that police may not receive through a traditional 911 call, such as a personal photo, physical description, pertinent health information, emergency contacts and more. For more information, visit

Climate Control

CMT Inc released their newest, fully upgraded, Habitat Monitor® Climate Security System, Model HM4. The Habitat Monitor® is designed for a controlled climate environment where temperature and humidity ranges must be preserved to prevent damage, deterioration or contamination of product, electrostatic discharge or loss of sterility. For more information, visit

M2M Applications

The M2M Developer Exchange™ from Numerex Corp. synchronizes with other enabling tools already available to Numerex customers, such as the access portals for flexible mobile account management and the online technical Wweb support site. Here, the users can download the latest hardware specification sheets and product catalogs and submit technical support requests for online assistance or other application-centered status. The Exchange includes Numerex Developer Forums where machine to machine (M2M) market participants can get quick answers to technical problems and gain industry insight on a variety of topics. For more information, visit