Product Focus: Video Analytics

Hybrid Searchable Video Recorder 3VR Security, the searchable surveillance manufacturer, released the S-Series SmartRecorder, built on 3VR’s searchable surveillance platform. The S-Series is a hybrid DVR/NVR offering video management features...

Technology Spotlight

AISight™ Works with PTZ

Some video analytic products on the market could control only the positioning of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras because the constant movement of the camera renders rules-based systems ineffective. But Behavioral Recognition Systems Inc. (BRS Labs), Houston, changed that with its latest AISight™ Cognitive Video Analytics™ software. This new release of AISight takes visual input from the various positions of a PTZ camera, automatically learns and stores what activities and behaviors are normal for each view and generates real-time alerts that notify appropriate security personnel of potentially threatening abnormal behaviors, all without human involvement or training. No pre-programming or extensive setup is required, so customers can have it up and running on large-scale video surveillance networks in just a few days.

“AISight’s Cognitive Video Analytics technology is based on an ‘observe-learn-respond’ methodology,” said Ray Davis, CEO of BRS Labs. “Now, analytics can be applied to PTZ cameras with our new release. We recognized the expanded use of PTZs by the industry as a cost-saving trend and developed video analytics that work as effectively on these cameras as they do on fixed-position cameras.” For more information, visit

Technology UPDATE

Newest Version of iCVR Management Software

VideoIQ, the maker of intelligent surveillance cameras and encoders with a built-in DVR, announced new capabilities in the latest version of its VideoIQ View video management and camera/encoder software. View is a video management software suite with the VideoIQ iCVR family of intelligent video surveillance cameras and encoders that provide customers with proactive security protection.

The latest version of VideoIQ View software provides new capabilities in the area of alarm notification, analytic capability, recording flexibility and video review, according to Scott Schnell, president/CEO of VideoIQ, Bedford, Mass.

Upgraded enhancements and features include browser access to both live video and alarm clips; automatic e-mail notification; recorded video export; 30fps; and an automated archive. For more information, visit

Technology Spotlight

Wireless Solutions

DSC, a Tyco company, showcased a number of wireless solutions at ISC West. More homes and businesses are moving away from traditional phone lines to Voice over IP (VoIP) or mobile phones, and the company continues to address this trend as well as others. The GS2060 GSM/GPRS Wireless Alarm Communicator provides an alternate delivery method for alarm communication in residential and commercial environments.

When connected to a DSC Power Series PC1864/1832/1616 control panel, alarm reporting paths can be combined through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the GSM/GPRS channels. It conveniently makes use of the GPRS data channel of the GSM network as backup to ensure high speed and secure alarm communications.

Another wireless offering from DSC is the ALEXOR control panel that communicates wirelessly to DSC wireless peripherals– both two-way and with other DSC 433MHz wireless devices. Because it is a distributed system, the panel is not attached to the keypad physically, but rather wirelessly. Installers have fewer holes to drill and fewer wires to pull, making it easier to install than traditional wired or hybrid systems. For more information, visit