Prepare Your CCTV for the Future

Installing tips smooth the move from analog to IP

Since the analog camera is not producing packets of digital data, you cannot connect it to the data network. Instead, you can install a digital video recorder (DVR) in the telecommunications room to record the video signal.

You can use several techniques to transmit the signal to a monitoring station. It is common to find unused fiber cable in most telecommunications rooms. You can use that cable to carry video to a central area. If fiber is not available, using part of the telephone distribution cable (Figure 3) can often provide a path to other areas of a facility. While the distance from the patch panel in the telecommunications closet to the camera is limited to 328 feet, the total circuit distance can exceed 4,000 feet if active electronic transceivers are used.

Even if your next project doesn’t require an IP camera, using standard structured cabling techniques can give you an edge in providing outstanding customer service, as well as a pathway for future upgrades. Learn the methods and use them to your advantage as you compete for business.

Paul Koebbe is the National Market Manager-Security for Graybar, St. Louis, Mo.