Day/Night Cameras

Technology can help end-users deal with low-light environments

Extreme Low Light
The ability to develop detail in extremely low-light conditions can be aided by two additional approaches. The first approach is to adjust the lens to a lower f/stop to allow more light to excite the sensor of the camera — an approach that could more than double the light available to the sensor. However, there may be a significant difference in lens costs, justified by the critical nature of the scene. Depending on the application, a second approach would be to supplement the natural IR lighting with additional IR illuminators.

Security professionals can take many different approaches to designing an effective video surveillance system. But to capture the highest quality images possible across a wide range of lighting conditions, a day/night camera is an effective tool that can help users deliver the best overall protection possible — around the clock.

Dave Tynan is vice president of global sales for Avigilon. He has more than 10 years experience in the industry, including positions with GE Security and CoVi Technologies.