IP Security — 90210 Style

The City of Beverly Hills has deployed a networked camera and video management system

What’s Next?
The City of Beverly Hills will soon embark on the next phase of the installation plan. Currently, officials are working on the back-end archiving features, but they plan to add up to 80 more cameras in a third phase. Hobson hopes to see more than 250 cameras installed when the project is complete. The city is also planning to integrate the software into the Beverly Hills school system and businesses throughout the community.
The Department of Homeland Security has recognized the City’s critical infrastructure as a part of the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and officials there are interested in using Beverly Hills as a prototype for larger cities. Leave it to 90210 to show the world what IP can do for them.

Fredrik Wallberg is the marketing program manager for Milestone Systems in Beaverton, Ore.