The Advantages of Internal Turnkey Operations

Business owners always look for one way to improve the structure of their business and using the method of a turnkey is a solution for some. At A.M.I Lock and Alarm Service, our 29-year-old business firmly believes turnkey operations are the most beneficial way to run a successful business.

Turnkey can be defined as the method of construction and installation where the contractor or installer takes total responsibility from design until the completion of a project. It means taking complete responsibility in starting a job from estimates to plans, parts, and labor until completion of a project. This method creates a sense of trust and confidence by customers. At the same time, turnkey procedures will result in more referrals as well as fostering an excellent reputation that will abet a successful business.

When beginning a job, there are many courses of action that need to be taken: estimates, bids, layouts, labor, parts, equipment. Also, machineryto complete the job should be contracted solely by one business. Sometimes, involving other outside sources or companies may lead to confusion and unnecessary interferences that can impede or hinder a job. Customers feel less confident and less secure when dealing with more than one business, especially with regards to security. The sense of safety may be lost when a customer has to call different companies for specific sections of security; one guy to do cameras, one to do fire and another to do locks. At the same time, your customer will be better informed of what the job will entail because he or she is only dealing with one supervisor and one business. At least in theory, there will be no excuses and delays due to other outside connections. Before you even begin a job, you will already be well prepared and well educated about your responsibilities—because these responsibilities are all under one roof.

At times it may be difficult to maintain a turnkey attitude. It can be extremely time consuming dealing with every aspect of the job without outside sources or assistance. It can also be expensive buying specific parts for different jobs, programs for computers, business vehicles and machines such as lifts, but as the old adage goes, you must spend money to make money. As turnkey believers, your company may be up against different issues, such as more responsibility, bigger project management and the necessity for more staff, but when you look at the whole picture, it is definitely worth it. When you are well educated about your assignment, communication between employees and organization becomes unproblematic. This will result in better and more efficient project delivery. You are constantly learning and continually gaining experience in the field without the intrusion from other companies. The more experience you have as a business owner and as a believer in turnkey operations, the easier it is to maintain a successful business. Remember, if you use tools like this to run your company there's no job too big or too small for you to handle.

A.J. Martucci is the lead installer of A.M.I. Lock & Alarm Service in Holbrook , New York . His father Al Martucci is president and founder of the company.