Training with the NTC: Fast Forward to 2009

Training seems to be on the minds of many security industry leaders as we look to the year ahead. The National Training Center (NTC) has already lined up their National Training Conference in February 2009 as a debut for their new venture into business development. The event will include industry experts speaking on business development, video security and access control applications and NICET certification. This month we went to Charles Aulner, CEO of NTC, Las Vegas, to find out why many in the industry are referring to this gathering as the “Training Event of the Year.”

Kosk: What made NTC decide to offer business development training?
Aulner: It is NTC’s commitment to the industry to provide the very best in training, and while we are a leading training provider in the low voltage industry we continuously explore different ways that we can improve our offerings. All of us involved in this conference are devoted to giving the industry what they need to succeed. Whether you own or manage a business, the Business Development track will be the most important training you will attend in your career.

Kosk: What was NTC’s goal in offering the IP technology track at the 2009 conference?
Aulner: The IP Technology track is different than any other training course available today. This course is designed to provide the “how” in IP technology. How do we in the low voltage industry design and install IP based video and access control systems? The one area we have found which lacks understanding, is the appli cation of traditional security concepts and systems to a network-based infrastructure environment. This is the question which must be answered to transition into the world of network- and IP-based security.

Should we expect to see any developing trends in regards to training in the security industry?
Aulner: One of the most significant trends is certification. As technology becomes more advanced, certification becomes more of an issue. We have seen it with the fire alarm segment of the low voltage industry, enter NICET. Another trend in training is the move to alternative delivery methods. This includes computer and Web-based training. Our industry has been slow to move into this training arena. The economy, along with lost time on the job and travel expense has business owners looking for a lower cost alternative.  Computer and Web-based training can provide that alternative.

Who can we expect to see at the NTC Training Event in February?
Aulner: The lineup for this track is filled with experts you need to hear from. E Myth Worldwide will provide hard-hitting business instruction. They have more than 20 years experience teaching contractors how to work ON the business not IN the business. Sandra Jones & Co. (market research firm) will provide instruction on Business Valuation. Industry attorney and icon Les Gold will help owners and managers get the real scoop on what their business is worth.