Comprehensive Security

Montgomery County Public Schools standardizes on megapixel video, access control

Innovative Partnerships
Two terms that came up time and again when listening to all the project players were “partnership” and “collaboration.” It is the relationships between end-user, consultant, integrator and technology providers that built a strong foundation to support such a highly innovative, ambitious project.

“There is a synergy between Mike (Cady) and Bob (Hellmuth) that wasn’t there five years ago,” Murdock says.
Then there is the collaboration between MCPS and Netcom. “They come in, they learn our business, they understand what’s going on in the schools, and when they see new technologies or methods that are important, they bring them to us,” Cady says.

The technology providers have earned their place at the table as well. “We hear from them all the time wanting to know how things are going,” Hellmuth says.

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