Edge Devices on the Network

The top 10 reasons to ditch proprietary communications

10. Invest in the future.
The final point is this. Where do you think the future is really going? Proprietary or open? Hardly anyone I meet answers that question with proprietary. There should be no doubt that proprietary systems that get installed today will have a shorter life than their open alternatives and provide fewer benefits along the way. When we talk about network-based systems, the discussion should reach the same conclusions. There are always cases, of course, where it makes sense to buy a little bit more of yesterday’s technology. But we should never lose sight of the fact that these systems are an investment in every sense of the word. Investments that do not take into account where the market is going, be they stocks, real estate, or systems, often turn out to be bad deals for all concerned.

Rich Anderson is the president of Phare Consulting, a firm providing technology and growth strategies for the security industry. A 25-year veteran of high tech electronics, Mr. Anderson previously served as the VP of Marketing for GE Security and the VP of Engineering for CASI-RUSCO. He can be reached at randerson@phareconsulting.com.