Single Solution-Partnering with Guard Service

Taking a stand in the security industry

Many companies and businesses remain unconvinced that the 11,000 to 15,000 guard service companies in the U.S. alone can really serve as a solution for protection. For the IP video surveillance market, this is where technology steps in.

Companies and businesses are integrating all sorts of smart video surveillance and U.S. subsidiary RSI Video Technologies, provider of wireless security, is one firm breaking the mold.

“Normally in a CCTV system, you can go ahead and play the re-run of what was stolen from you yesterday,” said Keith Jentoft, president of RSI Video Technologies. “So what? The best cameras in the world don’t give you an idea of who the suspect is if the guy wears a hooded sweatshirt and keeps his face down. There are people who have had CCTV systems for decades and never had an apprehension. We fill a different gap.We alert someone in real time.”

For many of the leading security guard services, the idea is not just about putting a body in a uniform-protection is key.
“Both security guards and security surveillance are complimentary,”said Burns. “But someone still needs to monitor these cameras at a site. You can reduce the amount of monitoring with video analytics, but the signals received still require monitoring. Security personnel are the best solution to monitor cameras. Surveillance alone does not quite offer the deterrent that a CCTV system and a guard service can provide.”

With the additional support of the technological security surveillance sector, many guard service companies are moving forward to offer more than just a single solution approach.
“I think that it is critical that we are serious about the overall security imposture in America,” said Martin Herman, president of special response corporation and teamworks, The National Association of Security Companies, Alexandria, Va. “The events of 9/11 can happen again tomorrow-nobody wishes for that kind of scenario to happen again, but we need to be prepared.”