Lower Costs, Bigger Benefits

Convergence solutions ultimately give you more bang for your buck.

Using cardholders as the network allows a significantly reduced network infrastructure, which can reduce the total cost of systems by 40 to 75 percent. This allows security system budgets to go much farther and provide higher security at lower costs.

The CoreStreet technology is being adopted by major industry manufacturers such as Honeywell, which rolled out its incorporation of the CoreStreet technology at its Honeywell Access 2005 conference. “We are really excited to partner with CoreStreet on this exciting technology,” said John Lorenty, president of Honeywell Access Systems. “We will now be able to offer our customers the ability to manage electronic control systems at stand-alone locations—from office buildings on corporate campuses to a factory or transportation hub halfway around the world. This provides our Pro-Watch enterprise users a higher level of security that was difficult or uneconomical to achieve until now.”

CoreStreet-enabled door locksets are also being developed by Assa Abloy.

Deploying an Emerging Technology Solution
Are there any rules of thumb regarding the deployment of these types of emerging technology solutions? Here are some helpful guidelines that have come from customers who have been involved in emerging technology projects.

  • Bet on standards. Standards-compliant systems have built-in compatibility with future technology developments.
  • Understand the solution from both the technological and the organizational perspectives. It is important to know not just how new technologies integrate with other systems, but how their functionality and operation will integrate with your enterprise. What will you be able to accomplish that you couldn’t accomplish before? Who are the stakeholders involved? Will the organizational culture be impacted? What kind of ongoing support will be required of both you and your vendor?
  • Start with small steps. Use pilot projects and phased project planning to minimize the impact and disruption to you and your organization, and to provide early learning with easily controllable projects.
  • Learn from others. Ask your vendor to put you in touch with other customers, so that you can learn from their experiences in advance of your own implementation.
  • Share your experience. Help others by sharing your experience through trade journals, white papers and security conference proceedings.

Ray Bernard, PSP, is the principal consultant for Ray Bernard Consulting Services (RBCS), which provides high-security consulting services for public and private facilities. He is a technical consultant and writer who has provided pivotal direction and technical advice in the security and building automation industries for more than 17 years. This article is based upon material in his upcoming book, Shifting Sands: The Convergence of Physical Security and IT. For more information about Ray Bernard and RBCS, go to www.go-rbcs.com or call 949-831-6788.