Site Surveys for Intelligent Video

A project builder application can ensure the end-user is satisfied with video analytics

Site surveys for traditional video applications can differ from those for Intelligent Video Solutions. The key to successful installations of video analytics systems begins with managing end-user expectations. To effectively manage end-user expectations, security professionals must understand what the end-user is trying to achieve with their “Intelligent Video” solution.

This process begins with the premise that every camera is mounted for a purpose; every field of view is trying to “capture” an event of significance to the security environment. For example, is the end-user concerned about loitering people, unauthorized entry into restricted areas, abandoned bags in public areas or illegally parked vehicles in emergency zones? Video analytics-based systems are designed to detect when these events take place, alert personnel in real-time and record these events to the video platform. It is vital to the success of the installation that every camera’s purpose is discussed and understood by the end-user and the integrator before the installation takes place.
The major difference with video analytics compared to standard digital video has to do with camera placement for specific applications. All too often, video analytics installations are approached as standard video installations during the site survey and not until after the cameras are installed are the specific applications discussed with the end-user. When this happens, the success of the system delivering on the end-user’s expectations is significantly challenged.
Few disagree that Intelligent Video is a powerful enhancement to the concept of video security. It has changed the way we think about CCTV from a tool that is reactive in nature (records evidence in case something of significance happens) to a tool that is very proactive in nature (detects and alerts when something of significance happens). For the first time, video security gives a proactive response just as we have come to expect from virtually every product category in the physical security world. However, as the technology has continued to evolve, so have misconceptions about the capability of these systems along the way.

There is no question that video analytics can accurately detect and alert many significant security events, but it is not a “magic wand” that removes the human element from the video security equation. Intelligent video or “Active Video Security” simply helps personnel be more effective at their security tasks. The best way to be successful at managing and exceeding end-user expectations is to play an active role in setting the end-user’s expectations. With video analytics, the best time to do this is in the site survey and both integrator and manufacturer can play fundamental roles at ensuring the end-user is satisfied with the end-result.

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