IP Video vs. Traditional CCTV Roundtable: Part 2

Integrators and manufacturers weigh in on the pros and cons of deploying the different video surveillance systems

The Participants:

  • Guy Apple, vice president of marketing and sales for Network Video Technologies (NVT)
  • Phil Aronson, president of Aronson Security Group
  • Dr. Bob Banerjee, product marketing manager of IP Video products for Bosch Security Systems Inc.
  • Jean-Pierre Forest, CPP, director of security solutions for Avigilon
  • Eli Gorovici, president and CEO of DVTel, Inc.
  • Duncan Havlin, vice president of product management for Samsung GVI Security
  • Mickey Lavery, system specialist for I2C Technologies LLC
  • Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications Inc.
  • Mark S. Provinsal, vice president of marketing and product strategy for Dedicated Micros Inc.
  • Joel Rakow, Ed.D., president of Ollivier Corporation
  • Moti Shabtai, Executive VP, Strategy and Products, NICE Systems
  • Steve Surfaro, Group Manager, Strategic Technical Liaison, Panasonic Security Systems

With the explosion of IP-based technology in the security industry, the editors of Security Technology & Design and SecurityInfoWatch.com have brought together experts from the security manufacturer, vendor and intergrator arenas to lend their perspectives on the use of IP-based and analog-based CCTV surveillance systems as part of a comprehensive roundtable discussion.
The first four questions of the eight-question roundtable were published in ST&D, while the second four questions are posted exclusively on SecurityInfoWatch.com.

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