IP vs. Traditional CCTV: An Industry Roundtable (part 1)

Integrators and manufacturers weigh in on the pros and cons of deploying the different video surveillance systems

With the explosion of IP-based technology in the security industry, the editors of Security Technology & Design and SecurityInfoWatch.com have brought together experts from the security manufacturer, vendor and intergrator arenas to lend their perspectives on the use of IP-based and analog-based CCTV surveillance systems as part of a comprehensive roundtable discussion.

The first four questions of the eight-question roundtable will be published in ST&D, while the second four questions will be posted exclusively on SecurityInfoWatch.com. The questions to be featured on SecurityInfoWatch.com are listed on page 26 — just go to SecurityInfoWatch.com/STandDextras to read the responses.

1. What are the pros and cons of IP-based video surveillance vs. those of analog systems from an application, infrastructure and budget perspective?

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