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THE TIME HAS COME FOR A FEATURE-RICH MINI DVR...For those of you who have been dreaming for ages of a small and unobtrusive, yet high quality Miniature Digital Video Recorder (DVR), the D-V56 from Video Domain Technologies fits the bill. A stand alone hand-sized DVR the D-V56 combines digital recording and advanced video motion detection. By providing a means for simple, instant portable evidence gathering, the D-V56 is setting new standards for miniature DVRs, with expanded applications such as battery operation for vehicle surveillance and remote covert surveillance.

It addresses, and enhances, the requirements of video surveillance with the use of memory cards as the storage media. The memory card is a solid-state device that doesn’t require day-to-day user intervention. The memory card slot is covered and protected against removal by unwanted persons.

There are 8 levels of recording quality, a feature designed to save recording space, with variable frame sizes from 10K to 150K (for best pictures). The video resolution and frame rates are selectable according to user requirements. Recording can be triggered by video motion detection and/or an external trigger, or by the panic button on the remote control which is supplied with the D-V56. Up to a week of recording can be achieved using video motion detection capabilities (a capacity of over 100.000 recorded images). The remote control is used for arming/disarming the unit, as well as for the panic button.

The D-V56 is supplied with Windows and Pocket PC based applications which enable: playback of recorded images at multiple speeds; fast search by time or by event; and search of images using thumbnail images layout. The software has an export utility that automatically exports the contents of the memory card onto an HD/CD as backup, AVI format for playing with any Window media player and JPEG images. Various programming/setups are also possible:

The D-V56 is password protected and has an automatic recovery after power failure. It has RS-232/RS-485 communication ports enabling the unit to communicate with or via a Gateway with IP based devices. With RS-485, up to 32 devices can be daisy chained together and managed. The D-V56 can be connected to existing alarm systems. It can be connected to the regular alarm panel at a home or in an office and can even follow its arm/disarm scheduling.

AN INTEGRATED SOLUTION TO THE CONVERGENCE OF PHYSICAL AND IT SECURITY...The EdgeProtect solution from NovusEdge combines access control, video surveillance, environmental monitoring and alert management in a single, integrated, standards-based solution. Controlco a systems integrator in Concord CA, recently installed the EdgeProtect system at its own headquarters. Terry Turner, CEO, reports, “The NovusEdge integrated system uses our existing physical and network resources and does not require any additional IT investment to implement. We will also be offering EdgeProtect to our customers as an asset protection solution. With EdgeProtect, we will be able to provide a much higher level of building control integration with physical security. And for our customers, it is much less complex and costly to operate.”

NovusEdge CEO Michael Cation, states, “NovusEdge has resolved the issue of incompatibility by designing an architecture with a truly open platform that uses standard web browsers.”

Leading security analyst and consultant Ray Bernard further comments, “As building automation and security consultants and integrators become more IT savvy, the de facto standard will be an open environment because it is critical that the various building controls and logical security applications work together. NovusEdge is bringing a solution to the market that, for the first time, enables the convergence of physical and IT security in a very simple to implement architecture.”

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