June Products

Raising the Bar on TV Lines
The PureVision 350 HQ series from EverFocus Electronics Corporation offers a resolution of 520 TV lines. TVL PureVision Technology is created using a 1/3” Sony HQ chip (1/3” interline transfer color CCD) and is the next step in intelligent surveillance systems. The increased Auto Gain Control provides greater sensitivity when lighting dims, compensating for the low backlight, resulting in brighter pictures within darker settings. Small items can now be clearly seen, allowing the end user a greater advantage in loss prevention. For more information, visit www.everfocus.com.

New DVR, Same Innovative Technology
Eastman Security’s ETS-4132 DVR is a 32 channel unit featuring the same ML-JPEG picture compression technology as the ETS-X016 series. ETS-4132 offers such noteworthy features as “Anti-Terrorism” software, “IMAP,” 10 spot monitor outputs and 240 FPS display. For more information, visit www.eastmansecurity.com.

Decreasing File Size
The new Falcon XD Series Digital Video Recorder from Advanced Technology Video (ATV) features 9 and 16 camera inputs and file sizes as low as 3KB per image. These small file sizes mean faster transmission times and less hard drive space requirements. Unique to the XD models are 4 spot monitor outputs which can be used as a 16X4 matrix switcher controlled by the Omni View dome keyboard controller. The Falcon XD offers a wide selection of monitor outputs including BNC, SVHS and VGA ensuring compatibility with all types of monitors. Archiving images is easy with the use of an integrated CDRW drive or USB 2.0 output for multi-media recording options. All recorded data is accessible through a network using the included Remote Administration Software (RAS). For more information, visit www.atvideo.com.

Monitors and Cabinets
Tatung’s series of monitors, the TLM-07 (19” & 17”) offers professional viewing capabilities and features high brightness (up to 450 nits) de-interlacing, video noise reduction, smooth edges and PIP to give you the best viewing quality possible. The TLM-07 also features composite, S-video, component, and DVI inputs for multiple devices.

The TRIVIEW series of rack cabinets from Tatung can be opened from all four sides and come with ventilation fans, rolling casters, and hold up to 400 lbs. The open rack features re-locatable nuts in the front, rear, and inner sides of the column and includes stone bolts, rolling casters, and supports up to 250 lbs. For more information, visit www.tatungusa.com.

TV Tuner in an LCD Security Monitor
Speco Technologies hits the airwaves with its latest LCD Monitor, the VMTV-17LCD. This security monitor features a built-in TV tuner with IR Remote Control and boasts a multitude of inputs including A/V in, Antenna/Cable, VGA and S-Video. The 17” color active matrix TFT liquid crystal display provides a superior quality picture in a profile less than 3 inches deep.

The VMTV-17LCD monitor is compatible with IBM VGA, IBM SXGA and Macintosh standards. The embedded audio system provides excellent sound performance and the power management system conforms to VESA DPMS standards. It also supports DDC 1/2B for plug and play compatibility. An advanced OSD control tailors picture quality to the job at hand. The VMTV-17LCD comes ready for desktop use and can be wall mounted using optional VESA compatible brackets. For more information, visit www.specotech.com.

Long Distance Infrared Camera
Matco’s IRC-490C camera employs a SONY 1/3” Super HAD CCD color sensor with high resolution at 480 TVL. Equipped with 6 patented super long range, long life, IR Lights, it works in 0.00 lux for a visible distance of as far as 500 ft. The infrared lights are turned on automatically by the built-in CDS sensor. It’s suited for outdoor long distance surveillance, especially for night vision monitoring. It features auto white balance function and switchable backlight compensation. Options for lens include 3.6, 6, and 8 mm. For more information, visit www.matco.com.

Zooming In
New from Tekstar Optical is the TEKC30X Series, a 10~300mm, F2.8 motorized zoom. A compact addition to the company’s existing 20X and 50X product lines, the TEKC30X series measures approximately 8” x 4” x 4”. The TEKC30X is available with a range of options including Motorized or Auto Iris, Presets and IR coated versions for Day/Night cameras. Varifocals and long range motorized zooms make up the Tekstar Optical line. It also features all glass color corrected optics and the latest IR coating technology that allows unsurpassed optical quality through 900nm. For further information, visit www.tekstaroptical.com.

Video Transmission for the Future
Network Video Technologies (NVT) introduces a full range of video transmission products featuring RJ45 connectivity, designed specifically for installers experienced with structured cabling systems. NVT now offers 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-channel rack-mountable units with RJ45 video inputs for passive-to-passive multi-channel applications under 750 feet and passive-to-active multi-channel applications up to 3000 feet. The 8- and 16-channel active hubs also feature a built-in DA output, with quad or dual outputs per channel (respectively). These new NVT transceivers are fully compatible with DVR technology and provide adjustable HF and LF gain controls. They are compatible with 568B premise wiring standards, allowing easy future migration to an all-digital solution. For more information, visit www.nvt.com.

DVR Series
The V3010 Series DVR/Servers from Infinova come in 4, 8, 12 and 16 channel versions. They allow for real-time viewing and recording of up to 480ips (NTSC) or 400ips (PAL) at resolutions up to 4CIF and internal storage capacity of up to 3.2 terabytes. Storage is further maximized by efficient image H.264 compression that yields a low 2.5K average file size, even for high-resolution frames. Video looping or one audio per video are available options. The remote client software provided allows pentaplex operation featuring simultaneous multi-channel live viewing, recording, playback, search and network transmission. Up to 16 DVR/Servers can be controlled from one location through the software. PTZ control is provided on the front panel as well as remotely and data protocols are built-in. For more information, visit www.infinova.com.

Enterprise Class DVR
The DVSR4000 Series Enterprise class DVR from IBT Video Systems utilizes the latest H.264/MPEG4 part 10 video compression for DVD quality images. This system allows up to 24 video and audio channels at real time recording and display speeds that range from 120 to 720 frames per second. The DVSR4000 has an internal storage capability up to 2.4 Terabytes. Optional RAID support is available.

A 4-Camera DVR Solution
The DVR+ LT series digital video recorder from WebEyeAlert was developed using the same core technology platform that is used on all other WebEyeAlert recording products. However, the DVR+ LT is packaged as a 4-camera solution that’s aggressively priced and is best suited for entry-level applications. Features include Web-enabled remote access, smart-recording, intelligent pre-post event recording, POS integration, video loss notification, and event-email exporting with report-writing capabilities, sensitivity-adjustable smart searching, and default system settings for efficient troubleshooting. For more information, visit www.webeyealert.com.

A 16-Channel High End Series
The EnView Q-Series DVRs (10 models) from Entel America are high-end, MPEG-4, 16 channel enterprise DVRs with 120 fps, 240 fps or 480 fps recording, up to 720x480 recording resolution, built-in motion detection, 16 audio channels and over 1 terabytes storage. Optional real-time total management application can simultaneously connect to unlimited number of sites/DVRs. For more information, visit www.entelamerica.com.

Day/Night Cameras
The DCS100033 high resolution professional day/night camera from Digimerge features a full 1/3” Ex-view HAD CCD sensor for 470 TV-lines resolution and minimum illumination (in color) of only 0.5 Lux @ F1.2. It also features built-in OSD (on-screen display), pixel based video motion detection and a RS-232 control port. The installer has the option of selecting a C or CS Mount Lens and ATW, AWC or MWB white balance. For more information, visit www.digimerge.com.

Mount as You See Fit
The MS-100 Outdoor/Indoor PIR sensor from Takex is versatile and can be mounted vertically, horizontally and on the ceiling with a rotating sensor head. Two lenses are included - a 33’ wide angle and a 66’ long range. It has selectable N/O or N/C output, Day & Night setting and PIR sensitivity adjustment. For more information, visit www.takex.com.

Inside and Out
System Sensor now offers a complete line of outdoor products to complement its notification appliances. The horn (H12/24K), horn/strobe (P1224MCK), strobe (S1224MCK), speaker (SP201K), and speaker/strobe (SP2R1224MCK) are all UL listed for outdoor use from -40F to 151F. Part of the K Series, these products are all tested to the stringent requirements of UL 1638 (strobes), UL 464 (horns), and UL 1480 (speakers). The standards require that the products still operate properly after enduring a rigorous one-hour water spray test. Whether the application is for standard audible notification or voice evacuation, there is a SpectrAlert outdoor product that meets the need. These products are all compatible with System Sensor’s indoor notification appliances and synchronization protocol. The horns and horn/strobes offer a selection of eight different horn tone & volume combinations. The strobe products have field-selectable candela settings including 15, 15/75, 30, 75, or 110 cd. For more information, visit www.systemsensor.com.

Smoke Alarm Base Box
G.R.I. offers the E-Z SB, a base box for a smoke alarm, to be used with both the G.R.I. E-Z 58 and E-Z 75 product lines of wire and cabling raceway and connectors. E-Z duct features two piece raceway, 5/8” X 1/2" OR 5/8” X 1 1/4", six foot lengths, with adhesive backing and pre-drilled mounting screw holes for quick installation. Also offered is a wide variety of connectors in flame retardant ABS plastic.

All products in the G.R.I. E-Z DUCT line are available in white or brown. For more information, visit www.grisk.com.

Access and Time/Attendance via the Web
iGuard from Lucky Technology is a patented embedded web server system device for access control and time attendance applications. It supports both biometric fingerprint and contactless smart card authentication. It can be administrated from anywhere using a web browser through the Internet anytime.

Traffic Control
The new auto-spike barrier gate operator system from DoorKing is designed to provide increased traffic lane control in applications where bollards or crash barriers aren’t practical. Parking lot operations are constantly on the lookout for vehicles being stolen from their lots, patrons running checkout booths, etc. Crash bollards and barriers can be expensive and difficult to install and, while they disable vehicles, they often damage them. The DoorKing auto-spike system provides a cost effective method to control traffic exiting or entering a lot, and will disable the vehicle by flattening its tires if an unauthorized exit occurs. The barrier gate operator and auto-spikes operate in synchronization so that the spikes are always in the up position when the barrier arm is down, and in the down position when the barrier arm is up. For more information, visit www.doorking.com.

Network Video Recorder
Quadrox releases the WebCCTV NVR. a Windows Media (WM) compatible network video recorder. Using this recorder, images saved in WM Format can be played back via PC’s, PDA’s, phones and other video devices. By supporting JPEG, JPEG 2000, MPEG-4, WM 7, 8, 9 or any other WM compatible codecs, WebCCTV NVR makes it possible to compress the data into a suitable type of compression on a per camera basis. WebCCTV NVR supports all types of fixed or movable IP cameras making it a flexible and completely future-proof solution. Visit www.webcctv.com for more information.

Digital Color Cameras
HAWK-I Security introduces a line of digital color cameras. These cameras all feature a crush, tamper, vandal and weatherproof housing. All of the cameras come complete with bracket and lens. Specifically, the HAWK-520IRCB and the HAWK-550VIRCB feature IR capable of viewing between 90-250 feet in complete darkness, with a Sony SuperHad chip. For more information, visit www.hawkisecurity.com.

Flat Panel Display Monitor
Bosch Security Systems introduces the MON201CL 20 LCD flat panel display monitor, a high-resolution, high- performance liquid crystal display (LCD) video display monitor. This attractive, ergonomic, state-of-the-art monitor includes a 20-inch color thin film transistor (TFT) active matrix LCD panel with 800 x 600 pixel resolution. It includes two looping composite video inputs, two looping audio inputs, and one looping Y/C input. It also has an analog VGA input to accommodate the increasing use of PCs and digital video devices in security applications. The compact, space-saving design has an LCD panel depth of only 3.4 inches (8.64 cm). The monitors also come with a base and wall mount – so they can be installed easily wherever customers need them.

Other features include: a DC power outlet for a 12 VDC camera; user friendly on-screen menus accessible via front panel controls or a remote control transmitter; and, a front panel lockout feature to prevent access once the monitor set up is completed. For more information, visit www.boschsecurity.us.

A Breakthrough in Firefighting
NetTalon, Inc. introduces a networkable fire protection system that reports alarm conditions to all authorized monitoring stations within two seconds of a sensor or smoke detector going into alarm. Sensor and detector conditions depicting the nature of the evolving emergency are reported instantly on a graphic representation of a building’s floor plan. Icons that represent the sensors and smoke detectors are overlaid on the floor plan and change color to indicate alarm conditions.

In a fire emergency, responders can use NetTalon to view the fire’s behavior remotely and in real-time. This will allow them to make decisions about equipment and personnel needed at the fireground and formulate plans for victim rescue and fire knockdown before arriving. Additionally, the speed of reporting can virtually put fire units on the scene much earlier in the fire timeline and thus provide opportunity for validation of the fire before the engines arrive. For more information, visit www.nettalon.com.

Super Long Range Bullet Camera
EEPCORE introduces the EPH Accolade Series high end day and night bullet cameras. With two types of resolution, 480TVL or 380TVL, this bullet camera reaches up to 100 feet in complete darkness. It has a unique dual filter which provides true colors during the day and will eliminate focus drift in low light conditions. It has a built in 4~9mm auto iris vari-focal lens. The design of its housing resembles a track light and the mounting bracket is thick and heavy duty. The housing and the bracket are connected with a ball socket joint. The cables run neatly through the bracket. For more information, visit www.eepcore.com.

Locks with Clutch
Marks USA introduces two new keys in its Lever Survivor Series - Grade 2 locksets featuring the CLUTCH, available for both conventional and IC cores. When locked, the CLUTCH disengages the outside lever, allowing it to turn freely. These locksets survive where rigid levers fail. Survivor locks are UL listed for 3-hour fire rating and satisfy all ADA requirements. For more information, visit marksusa.com.

Height Mechanical Turnstiles Designed Security, Inc. (DSI) has added full height mechanical turnstiles to its line of access management solutions. DSI full height turnstiles are designed for indoor and outdoor applications where added security and high pedestrian traffic are priorities.

Full height turnstiles are ideal at unattended locations in a facility where only authorized employee access is allowed. While providing an access control barrier, these units will still control high throughput traffic flow of up to 20 people per minute per turnstile. They are also compatible with any major access control system. The full height turnstiles are part of DSI’s extensive line of entry control products including customizable optical turnstiles and waist high mechanical turnstiles. For more information, visit www.dsigo.com.

A Way Out
Light-Roll, a mobile lighting delineation system for first responders in emergency situations, saves lives, improves communication and acts as a path to safety. Elam EL Industries designed Light-Roll for almost all emergency applications. From homeland security to residential firefighting, Light-Roll is a glowing wire that will mark ingress/egress in emergency situations.

The pencil-thin, cool-to-the-touch, and very durable Light-Roll can been used by fire, police, military personnel, and other first responders to mark exit routes through limited visibility-filled buildings or tunnels; detours around accidents; and evacuation paths for survivors through any dark and dangerous area. For more information, visit www.elam.co.il.