Hangin’ with Harrington: A Stroll Down Video Lane

Industry reports show there is significant increased spending, globally, on projects that combine traditional physical security controls with IT security. This includes upgrading locks, cameras, entry systems, and even security guard desks to work with the same computing systems that control computer and network sign-on, identity management, and security incident management.

New introductions to the video surveillance markets are coming fast and furious. While there are countless new offerings that bear watching, here is a small sampling of the emerging products and technologies that are cropping up on the surveillance landscape (most of which were seen firsthand at the ISC show in Las Vegas, NV recently).

From Panasonic Security
Systems...the WJ-ND300 Network Disk Recorder, designed specifically for IP-based systems operating on a LAN/WAN. It offers scalable operation, comes with numerous system features and expansion capabilities, and can record cameras from a variety of manufacturers. The unit is designed with fast throughput and other performance features including: a refresh rate of 960ips @32 cameras (MPEG4); multi-format recording (JPEG/MJPEG/MPEG4); data stream control between live and recorded images; up to four optional hard drives can be installed on-board the unit with the addition of an optional external RAID 5 and/or expansion modules capable of housing up to 28 hard drives for extended recording and archiving applications; and extensive management control capabilities.

Other recent product introductions from Panasonic, in response to the company’s initiative to provide the industry with Intelligent Technology (IT), are the first two models in the Super Dynamic III Cameras line - the WV-CS954 Color Dome Camera and the WV-CP480 Series Color Fixed Cameras.

The technology, says Panasonic Security Systems President Frank DeFina, combines a newly designed CCD and powerful digital signal processing (DSP) that deliver exceptional image definition and balance even in the most challenging security applications. Performance attributes include: 128x dynamic range; pixel-based digital contrast correction; Auto Image Stabilizer; Scene Change Detection; 30X optical zoom (300X electronically); Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction to minimize image streaking when viewing moving images; 540 lines of color resolution; and extreme low light sensitivity in color (0.5 lux) and BW (0.06 lux). For more information, visit www.panasonic.com/security.

From Mitsubishi...The 16-video input DX-TL5000U from Mitsubishi is designed for enterprise class level security recording applications. High speed live and recorded images are achieved with speeds of 960 pictures per second (live) and 240 pictures per second (recorded). With the DX-TL5000U, you have the flexibility to expand recording depending on your requirements. The unit comes with a GUI menu for simple programming utilizing a standard USB mouse. Quick and easy copying of images can be made with its built in CD/DVD drive or to external USB memory devices. You can also archive video for backup through network attached storage (NAS) servers. With its ability to link multiple DVRs together, access to hundreds of cameras is possible from the main unit. For more information, visit www.mitsubishi.com.

From KT&C...The KPC-HD353CWX high resolution camera comes with a precision varifocal lens (f4-8mm or f2.6-5.6mm) to achieve 520 lines resolution for the sharpest image. The HD353CWX also features a 3x digital zoom that can be controlled either by KT&C’s AD-Key Controller or the Pelco D protocol via RS485. For more information, visit www.ktncusa.com, call 888-767-CCTV or e-mail sales@ktncusa.com.

From 3VR...3VR provides a new approach—a mesh of integrated, turnkey appliances that work together to record and analyze surveillance video. The company’s facial recognition technology is combined with digital video recording, allowing a search through archives of digital video for facial images that match against the system’s watch list. 3VR solutions provide instant search, face recognition, identification, alerts and policy management across all cameras simultaneously. For more information, visit www.3vr.com.

From Bosch...AutoDome Camera Systems, now featuring 26x Day/Night or 18x optical zoom plus 12x digital zoom. The camera automatically locks onto a target, zooms in, and follows the subject anywhere within the camera’s 360-degree coverage area. Also new from Bosch is the Bilinx camera control system and an internal DVD writer to its Divar Plus Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The new capabilities improve camera access, simplify routine surveillance tasks, and provide advanced storage capabilities. The DVR, with a built-in multiplexer and switcher controlling up to 16 cameras, is ideal for CCTV security applications at facilities such as banks, retail outlets, schools, warehouses, and small businesses.

Another new introduction is the 8-channel Bosch VideoJet 8008 digital transmitter/receiver. It offers S-VHS-quality real-time video with a maximum data rate of 240 frames/second over Gigabit-Ethernet; less than half the storage space of similar models; different frame rates for optimal storage; and an integrated hard disk for simultaneous playback and recording and protection against network failure. The VideoJet 8008 features fully interlaced video; alarm inputs and relay outputs; pan/tilt/zoom, and can be configured as a 1U-high rack-mount or desktop unit. For more information, visit www.boschsecurity.us or call 800-289-0096.

From DVTel Inc...an announcement on the acquisition of OmniVee Ltd. The company specializes in “Adaptive Visualization Technology,” a patent-pending video imaging and analysis capability which utilizes computer vision technology to enhance CCTV data acquisition, management, and analysis. According to DVTel CEO, Eli Gorovici, “This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we acquire and analyze video, voice, and data.” DVTel has already incorporated some of AVT’s unique capabilities into its new SceneTracker product. SceneTracker provides a real-world, real-time perspective of multiple camera images in a single integrated view. Objects or persons of interest can be tracked, zoomed in on and hovered over to achieve closer, detailed views. For more information, visit www.dvtel.com.

From GE...the MiniView Dome camera - which is the smallest of GE’s line of dome cameras that includes the 4-inch Fixed Mini-Dome (DS line) and 5-inch Vari-View Dome (DM line). While the MiniView Dome camera provides color images, these larger domes provide both color and black and white images. It’s designed to monitor sensitive areas and provides high resolution images in a small but powerful package. Despite its small size, the camera delivers the high-resolution (480 TV lines) color image desired for most surveillance applications. Users can rotate the camera a full 360 degrees or tilt it to 90 degrees for the best viewing angle. The lens pack includes 2.5, 4 and 6mm lenses. For more information, visit www.GESecurity.com.

From Extreme CCTV...The ZX20 is a double-walled bulletproof camera certified to exceed UL 752 Level 6 Ballistic. Two-stage body protection neutralizes the destructive bullet forces, while a four-layered, 1.25” ballistic insert ensures bulletproof resiliency and maintains high optical clarity. The high-resolution LXR sensor delivers exceptional performance in the near infrared spectrum for effective night vision. Also from Extreme CCTV is the WZ5 Critical Entry/Exit camera, engineered for “In-Your-Face” surveillance under light switch aesthetics. The WZ5 fits into standard electrical boxes and blends in seamlessly with modern dA©cor light switch covers. For effective night vision performance, the WZ5 has an integrated infrared array enabling 24/7 operation under all lighting conditions - including total darkness. For more information, visit www.ExtremeCCTV.com.

From Milestone Systems...are six language versions of its popular XProtect IP video surveillance software. Available language versions include English, Danish, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Milestone software supports over 90 various models of network cameras and video servers from leading hardware manufacturers including Axis, JVC, IPIX, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pixord, Sanyo, Sony and Toshiba. Learn more at www.milestonesys.com.

From Pelco...several new offerings, including the Endura, a networked-based video security system with a powerful, fault-tolerant, distributed hardware and software architecture. This fully distributed, non-centralized video security system allows customers to make use of local area networks and IT infrastructure.

Also new from Pelco is the NVR300 Network Video Recorder, which provides an integrated centralized recording solution by enabling the storage of multiple video and audio transmissions at the same time. It allows users to store all the data they want by using either internal or external RAID5 storage. Pelco’s integrated camera dome system, Spectra III Series Discreet Video Security Positioning System is also now available and suited to any lighting condition. For detailed information on all of Pelco’s latest product innovations, visit www.pelco.com.

From CCTV Imports...The DVR1608 is the company’s latest offering in digital video recording. This 16 channel stand-alone DVR with built-in LCD screen features USB/network backup, remote playback, and built-in CD writer. It offers up to 5 levels of users for remote viewing and is equipped with other features such as motion detection, password protection, searchable interface, alarm inputs, and watchdog recovery. This DVR has 4 channels of audio, a total of 120 FPS, and can hold up to 400GB of hard drive space.

The DVR1608 can either be used with a static or dynamic IP and records in MPEG4 compression for maximum hard drive capacity. For more information, visit www.CCTVImports.com.