Cruzin’ with Susan

The staff of Security Dealer has made many stops along the way in recent months to see the latest in video technology. “Cruzin’ with Susan” picks up where Managing Editor Erin Harrington leaves off in the previous article “Hangin’ with Harrington”.

Video surveillance remains a very strong category for dealers. Reader feedback indicates that many of you are having great success moving your customers up to more high tech video solutions. Here is a sampling of some of the many new products available in this category.

From Sanyo...The VCC-WD8574 Wide Dynamic Range camera, also known as Sanyo Dynamic, is designed for security applications with challenging lighting conditions. Wide Dynamic Range offers a solution to the problem of monitoring windows, doors, and other brightly backlit areas that result in unrecognizable, dark images of subjects in the foreground. The Wide Dynamic Range provides two shutter speeds, a normal 1/60 speed and a high speed, which produces clear images by extracting highlights and shadows from the two shots and then combining them into a single, detailed image.

“Sanyo has combined this powerful feature in a day/night camera with DSP circuitry and a 40x sensitivity boost for lower light capabilities,” explains Raul Calderon, Sanyo’s National Product Development Manager.

The Day/Night function offers automatic or manual switching between black and white and color. The VCC-WD8574 delivers 480 TV lines of horizontal resolution. Sensitivity can be optimized via a 40x electronic boost for minimum illumination of 0.025 lux in color or 0.002 lux in black and white at F1.2. The Intelligent Motion Detector feature analyzes different factors by measuring changes in picture brightness, and then can send an alarm signal and/or switch to electronic zoom of up to 2.5x. Built-in Privacy Masking allows for the masking of up to eight areas of the screen to protect other people’s privacy.

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From Canon...The all-in-one VB-C50i and VB-C50iR (in reverse mount) PTZ Network Video Cameras are equipped with a Built-In Server, enabling users to access and view their facilities directly over a LAN or the Internet. The VB-C50i/R Network Video Camera also comes equipped (as do all of Canon’s newest PTZ Network Video Cameras) with a Canon 26x optical zoom lens and 12x digital zoom that can capture fine detail from far distances to gather high-quality images more effectively. With a wide-ranging pan of +/- 200 degrees and tilt of + 90/-30 degrees, the VB-C50i model can quickly survey an entire area.

The VB-C50i camera also comes with built-in motion detection and an auto-tracking system that can send out alerts if prohibited motion is suspected. The cameras are now enhanced with a new Adapter Kit that provides improved connectivity for video monitoring and remote-control systems.

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From CBC America Corp... The ZR-DH1621NP is a compact, versatile and very powerful 16 Channel Triplex DVR. The unit can playback and record while viewing live video in multi-screen mode, with the added functionality of remote control and viewing over a network connection. This device has a large storage capacity, supporting four internal HDD (for up to 1TB) and up to 20 external storage devices. Data backup and portability is supported by the use of removable media, such as a memory stick or CD-R, via the front panel USB port. Wavelet compression reduces individual image sizes to free up disk space. This unit offers many features accessible directly from the front panel. It’s designed to work within a variety of system configurations and fits into existing CCTV infrastructures. With built-in RS-422/485 telemetry control, the DVR can operate nearly any PTZ device on the market.

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From IPIX...The CommandView Day/Night camera provides users with 24-hour surveillance capabilities. Using a fisheye lens and patented software, the CommandView Day/Night camera allows users to see, record and play-back an entire field-of-view and digitally pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) the live feed or recorded archives.

The CommandView Day/Night Camera automatically detects available light and instantly adjusts its settings for all lighting conditions. Weighing 3.5 pounds and measuring 6” by 6” by 4.5,” the camera discreetly mounts to ceilings and walls, indoors and out. For more information visit

From Integral Technologies...The DS XPress Digital Video Management System (DVMS) now features DigitalSENTRY 3.0 software. With DigitalSENTRY 3.0, Integral’s DS XPress is capable of capturing up to 480 images per second with up to 128 cameras in a single box, allowing users to expand their systems to meet growing needs. DigitalSENTRY 3.0 also provides an innovative dual-mode DVMS environment for integrating IP cameras such as IPIX and AXIS without compromising customers’ initial investment in analog cameras. DS XPress integrates seamlessly with over ninety percent of all access control products.

Integral’s DS XPress system uses the DigitalSENTRY SyncTRAK feature to simultaneously play back recorded video from up to 16 cameras from anywhere in the networked system. The video can be synchronized to the same time and/or event, allowing users to view an event from multiple angles and locations. The video is exportable as a fully executable file that can be viewed on the system or any PC. DS XPress hardware comes standard with video authentication, LAN/WAN IP network capabilities, motion detection, customized recording schedules, alarm assessment, video export, duplex operation and signal loss detection.

Additional DS XPress features include Quick Review, variable speed recording, video analysis, variable video expiration, instant alarm cameras and optional PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) control; 1 TB of internal storage, with up to 14 TB of external storage available through the use of Integral’s RAID array hard drive storage options.

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From American Dynamics...The Intellex IP (Internet Protocol) is an enhanced digital video management system that provides support for IP based video surveillance devices, as well as double the frame capacity and twice the resolution of the current Intellex system. Intellex IP uses video servers and digital video cameras transmitting video over an IP network. Importantly, analog cameras can easily be incorporated into an Intellex IP system by using a video server that converts the analog signal to a digital signal.

“The real value of the system is shown in the way Intellex IP seamlessly integrates into an existing Intellex system,” explains Paul Piccolomini, vice president of research and development for Tyco’s Access Control and Video Systems strategic business unit. “Current Intellex customers will be able to leverage their prior investment while gaining the speed and flexibility of IP video.” Intellex IP provides for widespread camera distribution across a wide campus, and greater flexibility to scale to large, high-performance video surveillance systems.

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From Honeywell...The HCCWD484 Wide Dynamic camera uses patented image capture technology to convert images from analog to digital format within each pixel immediately after the image is captured. Each pixel in the Wide Dynamic camera acts as its own camera having an independent shutter speed, optimizing the exposure time for every picture detail.

The HCCWD484 properly captures both the shadow details and brightly lit objects in much the same way that the eye sees the scene. The image capture technology eliminates multiple processing steps prior to being digitized and stored. Ray Szekratar, product marketing manager for Honeywell, says, “It’s our goal to give our independent dealers and integrators the best tools in the business to ensure their customers are safe and secure.”

The Wide Dynamic camera is easy to install and can be customized with on-screen displays and pre-set. Other features include: 5 preset modes optimized for different lighting conditions; 1/3” wide dynamic digital imager with a dynamic range >95dB; sensitivity of 0.4 lux; and, 50/60 fps progressive video capture.

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From Crest Electronics, Inc...The 5664 is a 64 channel DVR that features MPEG-4 compression, 480FPS global display & recording rates (selectable by camera) and internal storage capacity of up to 1.2 Terabytes. Additionally, the 5664 features looping outputs, 16 alarm inputs, 16 sensor outputs, 4 channels of audio standard (16 Ch. option), resolution of up to 720 x 480 (4 CIF), port selectability (eliminating firewall issues), and a DVD-RW standard. Finally, the 5664 series is available with Cool Drive technology. These drives are designed to run 24/7 at 7200RPM.

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