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Topping the Tech Update Chart

A FEATURE YOU’LL FLIP OVER...The new ELMO PTC-400C high-resolution compact PTZ dome features a 210 degree tilt that positions everything in the center of the extended surveillance area and “flips” the picture, resulting in an image that’s always right side up and in clear focus when the image turns from an Eastern to a Western direction. It has a 350 degree horizontal coverage and 210 degrees vertically. Its 100 degree/sec.pan/tilt speed spans a wide area and captures all the detail necessary for effective surveillance.

Its optical system combines with advanced high-resolution DSP circuitry to deliver sharp, clear video in almost any lighting environment. Minimum illumination is 2lx, and a day/night control uses an IR filter for excellent images at low light levels. The PTC-400C offers a variety of camera controls: backlight compensation, iris, motion detection, white balance and area masking. Picture adjustments include: color balance, AGC, edge enhancement compensation and high-speed shutter. It has two alarm inputs with presets, a 12x powered optical zoom with a 16x digital extender, full auto-focus or manual capability, resolution in excess of 460TV(H) lines and an S/N ratio of 49dB.

Each camera unit is user-programmable for up to 16 pre-set positions and 8 speed settings. On-screen displays simplify set-up and 223 cameras can be connected in an RS-485 daisy-chain configuration, cutting both cable costs and installation time. The unit allows remote control of up to 9 cameras and comes with an IR remote control and ceiling mounting hardware. Optional dome covers, in clear and smoke, are available. For more information, visit

EXPLOSION-PROOF VIDEO SECURITY IS NOT HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH...Pelco introduces the ExSite family of explosion-proof video security positioning systems. The innovative series of integrated positioning systems are designed to meet stringent hazardous location requirements for North American and international markets.

ExSite combines a receiver, pan/tilt, and enclosure in a single system, and includes an Integrated Optics Package (IOP). The IOP features an auto-focus camera and lens module with programmable features and a day/night option. Together with ExSite’s exclusive software, they are suited to a variety of applications within a wide range of extreme environments, including marine applications. Typical hazardous locations pertain to such industries as oil refining, transport and storage, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and food production facilities. For more information, visit

NEW MARKET OPPORTUNITY FOR DEALERS...HID, manufacturer of contactless access control cards and readers for the security industry, is shipping VertX CS. It delivers fully-functional managed access control with Central Station Automation Software from Bold Technologies, DICE Corporation and GE MAS. This new family of access controllers gives security dealers direct connection to central station operating software and enables them to offer incremental monitoring and management services to customers. For more information, visit

A CAR WITH CONNECTIONS...Public safety is under the spotlight more than ever these days. People want to feel safe in public places, and they expect police, paramedics and fire-fighting crews to respond in minutes. IP-based technologies can help meet these critical and rising expectations. To highlight how first responders can benefit from using IP-based technologies, Cisco Systems in Northern Europe, for example, is showing off its demo center on wheels.

Called the Cisco Connected Car, it is a tangible example of how technology today can contribute to improved public safety. With wireless transmission of IP video surveillance, police or firemen can see images that pre-qualify details about the levels of severity at events and better make critical decisions.

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