May Hot Products

Add a Photo ID to Access Cards
Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products Group introduces Avery Photo ID Labels for access control cards. Designed in conjunction with HID Corporation’s Development Partner Program, the new labels offer facilities using access control cards an easy and affordable color-photo ID solution. Using everyday office inkjet printers, organizations can add sharp, professional-looking color photo ID labels onto access control cards. The labels have an alignment tab that makes applying the photo ID label directly onto the access control card quick and easy.

The labels are ideal for facilities already using blank access control cards without photographs or organizations that would like to issue access control cards with temporary photo ID to track guests and short-term visitors. Photo ID Labels for Access Control Cards are available with a removable or permanent adhesive. Templates for creating “Photo ID Labels for Access Control Cards” are available in Avery Photo ID System Software, version 2.0, and Photo ID Software Platinum and will soon be offered in other leading visitor management, access control and security software. For more information, visit

It’s a Beautiful Thing
Sony Electronics launches its IPELA line of Internet protocol (IP)-based communications products ranging from IP monitoring and recording devices to IP-ready videoconferencing systems. Derived from the combination of IP and “bella,” (Italian word for “beautiful”).IPELA signifies the arrival of business communications equipment that blends Sony’s high-resolution imaging and audio technology with the universal reach of IP networks.

IPELA represents Sony’s vision of expanded IP-based business communications, which includes making global visual communications as commonplace as a phone call. The first products to be labeled IPELA include the PCS-G70 large room videoconferencing system and the PCS-TL50 desktop videoconferencing system.

Also included are network video monitoring cameras including the SNC-RZ25N and P-Series MPEG-4 enabled models and the DF40 and DF70 mini-dome cameras. Expected later this summer is the new XIS Series of IP video monitoring cameras. The company is installing interactive product showrooms in select U.S. cities to support the IPELA product line, which offers plug-and-play functionality. For more information, visit

Built-In Picture Memory
Aiphone’s JB series has been enhanced with the addition of a new Master Station that features built-in Picture Memory. This new master records a snapshot of whoever calls in from any door station on the system. Up to 64 images are recorded and stored in memory for viewing at a later date. All images can be easily exported via an optional video output adaptor. The JB Series is available in 2 combinations of boxed sets. First choose either the regular Master Station or the Master Station with Picture Memory. Then determine which door station fits your customers’ needs best whether it is the plastic surface mount, the zinc die cast surface mount or the stainless steel flush mount door station. For more information, visit

The A/V Balun Goes to Europe
MuxLab Inc., manufacturer of audio-video connectivity solutions for copper twisted pair, announces the SCART/PA©ritel Balun (500060, 500061), an audio-video balun for European equipment. It allows Composite Video, S-Video and stereo audio to be transmitted via Category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP).

The SCART/PA©ritel balun works as a transmit/receive pair and features two models; the 500060 connects to the audio-video source and the 500061 connects to the audio-video receiver. It also works in conjunction with MuxLab’s other Composite Video/S-Video/Audio baluns and hubs. Until the SCART Balun was introduced, the only way to connect most Euro AV equipment was via the traditional RCA and S-Video connectors on the rear of the equipment. For more information, visit

A Rockin’ Radio Range
The AW900 system from AvaLAN is a wireless point-to-point Ethernet bridge system operating in the 900 MHz frequency range and delivering over 1.5Mbps raw data rate. The AW900 radios have no IP addresses and no browser interface. Instead, upon startup the radio simply finds its matching radio (keyed by serial number), selects the quietest of 12 available channels, and begins transmitting 128-bit encrypted Ethernet packets at 1.5 Mbps. AvaLAN says that initial reports from early-adopter field tests are showing a dramatic increase in performance vs. 2.4 and 5.8 GHz 802.11 systems in terms of range and successful bandwidth transmission for NLOS applications. For more information, visit

CCTV Cable Line Expands
Belden introduces an innovative new cable design for pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras used in closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems. Belden New Generation Banana Peel PTZ Composite cables are suited to security applications in hospitals, airports, amusement parks, retail establishments, universities, casinos, sports stadiums and correctional facilities—wherever there is a need for a protective CCTV surveillance installation to monitor people, activities and/or assets. New Generation Banana Peel PTZ Composite cables are offered in both riser and plenum versions. And, in order to accommodate control encoding schemes or protocols such as Manchester, Sensornet and RS-422, they are comprised of the following components: one RG-59 coaxial cable (for video); 1-Pair 18 AWG cable (for power); one 23 AWG UTP or one 22 or 18 AWG STP (for control). For more information, visit

Warding Off Disaster
Dantel, Inc. presents the Disaster Resistant Event Network, a cellular-based TCP/IP solution using solar power that offers sturdy, comprehensive event monitoring and reporting capabilities for use in remote locations. The Disaster Resistant Event Network allows users to implement remote event monitoring in areas where traditional physical networks can’t reach.

In addition to its solar power option spanning a few watts to several hundred watts, the robust communication system offers various configuration options ranging from cell-based wireless Wide Area Network (IP Protocol) rates to a few hundred thousand bits per second with a higher bandwidth rate of several million bits per second. In addition to the cell-based communication WAN link, the integrated point-to point wireless IP network connects adjacent units placed several miles apart with a communication link of up to several million bits per second, ideal for event-based two-way video-enhanced alarm messaging and controls. For more information, visit

Keeping an Eye on ATMs
The DV-IP ATM from Dedicated Micros captures and records ATM transaction data with the corresponding video input. The four-camera unit records at 60 PPS and is available with 80GB, 160GB, 320GB and 600GB, providing up to two weeks, one month, two months and four months of online video storage capacity at SVHS quality (at a standard record rate of 3 PPS and 18 Kb file size).

A spot monitor output provides a visual deterrent as it indicates that lobby cameras are being recorded. The output can be configured to display both a full screen and a full screen sequence with programmable dwell time. The ATM Interface integrates Automatic Teller Machines and the DV-IP range of video servers including the DV-IP ATM. The module receives, decodes and stores data from the ATM alongside the relevant video images on the Server. One ATM Interface Module can simultaneously support up to three ATMs. Measuring only 3.3” (H) x 8.85” (W) x 12.67” (L), the DV-IP ATM can be installed almost anywhere—even inside the ATM machine. Multipurpose mounting brackets permit horizontal or vertical mounting. For more information, visit

Alarm Communication over the Net DSC’s DVACS Internet alarm communicator, the T-Link TL250D, communicates alarm system information over the Internet instead of the dedicated DVACS communication circuit. DVACS is commonly used in Canadian commercial applications to communicate with a central monitoring station receiver. Integrators can go to any existing Sur-Gard DVACS control panel or existing DSC DVACS module and replace DVACS communication with existing broadband communication. Adding the TL250D without having to upgrade the control equipment means minimal up-front cost. For more information, visit

Software with a View
The ELMO MasterView-X software makes it possible to view, manage and control several network-based video camera systems from one easy-to-use interface. It provides the power and tools required to manage and analyze content obtained from a local or network-controlled camera systems, archived video and series of still images. As an automated attendant, it “watches” the video when nobody is present and alerts the user on an external device when an event is detected. Image Enhancer software allows the camera to reproduce images with daytime clarity even those taken in the dark.

Designed to enhance capabilities of the ELMO PTC-201-IP cameras, the software is included at no charge with the purchase of the PTC201C-IP or any other qualifying ELMO IP / Network camera product. It also allows viewing IP/Network Cameras on a pocket PC via a wireless LAN. For more, visit

Long Range Day/Night Camera
EEPCORE introduces its high- end day and night bullet cameras, suited to both residential and commercial applications. With two types of resolution, 480TVL or 380TVL, this bullet camera reaches up to 100 feet in complete darkness. It features a dual filter to deliver true colors during the day and eliminate focus drift in low light conditions. It has a built in 4~9mm auto iris vari-focal lens. Housing design resembles a track light and the mounting bracket is thick and heavy duty. The housing and the bracket are connected with a ball socket joint, allowing movement in all directions. Because the cables run through the bracket, cables are not visible after the installation. For more information, visit

Because Fiber-Optics Can Be Tapped
Fiber SenSys introduces SecurLAN to the IT and Telecom markets. Through SecurLAN, security and facilities managers can physically protect the data conduit, cable plant and telecom segments against accidental or intentional physical intrusion. Because fiber-optic data can be tapped and the fact that military bases contain many foreign nationals, the need for physical protection is mandated. For more, visit

Keep Keys Handy
GE’s Security Business releases the second installment in its AccessPoint consumer key storage product line. All are wall-mounted and help keep spare and emergency keys accessible and secure. The Key Organizer is a cabinet featuring three convenient cups on the outer door that hold everything from key rings to cell phones and wallets. Inside, the formal spare key storage system offers 12 removable key tags with labels for long-term key storage and easy identification. The Key Strip offers an affordable way to access and manage keys used on a daily basis, storing spare keys in an organized manner. The Locking Key Cabinet is a key storage solution for small businesses wanting affordable, secure and easy-to-use key storage. Its battery-powered electronic locking mechanism provides up to 19,500 changeable combinations. For more information, visit

Support for IP-Based Video Surveillance Devices The Intellex IP (Internet Protocol) from American Dynamics is a digital video management system that provides support for IP based video surveillance devices, and double the frame capacity and resolution of the current Intellex system. Typical Intellex IP users span the gaming industry, campuses, and government facilities, to name a few.

Intellex IP utilizes video servers and digital video cameras transmitting video over an IP network instead of analog cameras over coaxial cables. Analog cameras can easily be incorporated into an Intellex IP system by using a video server that converts the analog signal to a digital signal. This system, just one-quarter the chassis size of the previous Intellex system, allows for reduced cabling costs, widespread camera distribution across a wide campus, and greater flexibility to scale to large, high-performance video surveillance systems. For more information, visit

New Releases
New from Indala is the FlexSmart Series, an extensive range of 13.56 MHz contactless Smart Card solutions. They range from the DESFire ISO 14443A high security Government Smart Card (GSC)-compliant reader range to the popular MIFARE ISO 14443A to entry-level ISO 15693 readers. Features include full sector/file programmability, encryption key management, and outputs such as Wiegand and ABA Track 2. The FlexSmart product range includes the DX, MX and IX Series.

The DX200 DESFire Series (ISO 14443A Part 4 Compatible) is its most versatile solution and offers the highest security features in the FlexSmart product range. The MX200 MIFARE Series (ISO 14443A Compatible) is its most popular contactless smart card solution; cards/tags have a standard memory of 1KB (8Kbits) with up to 4KB available. The IX200 Series (ISO 15693 Compatible) is ideal for entry level contactless smartcard access control applications. Standard ISO 15693 compatible cards and tags have memory of 1KB (8Kbit) with up to 2KB (16Kbit) available. For more information, visit

What’s Your IQ?
iOmniscient continues as a leader in intelligent surveillance with its technological breakthrough using Artificial Intelligence (heuristic algorithms) along with its patented Genius IQ Surveillance Systems. The system can find tiny objects in very crowded and low contrast scenes even when they are invisible to the human eye. Other capabilities include Vandalism and Graffiti Detection, Theft Prevention, Object Counting, Intrusion Prevention, Behavior Analysis.

iOmniscient’s comprehensive IQ Product Series consists of a wide range of applications like behavior analysis that can significantly enhance the intelligence within a CCTV system. Several of these detection capabilities are patented internationally and are not available from any other source. It is totally distributed, scalable and can be used as an add-on to an existing CCTV systems. A wireless PDA version is also available. For more information, visit

Getting Alarming News on Your Cell or PC
Perseus Wireless launches its mPowered Video Monitoring System. It brings together event-based alerts, real-time video and storage, to deliver mobile security monitoring to a PC or handheld device, including cellular phones. The mPowered Video Monitoring System provides business owners and managers with the means to remotely observe and control key operations using video and other sensor-based alarms. For a monthly fee, users customize the camera views, alarm and alert schedules. By centralizing the setup of the IP-networked cameras and eliminating the need for an on-site recording device, installation costs are significantly reduced. For more information, visit

Alert to License Plates
REG-ALERT (Automatic License Extraction and Recognition Technology) is a fully automatic license plate capture system from OuterLimit Technologies – a division of extreme CCTV Int’l, Inc. Using high-speed optics, infrared illumination and intelligent analysis software, REG-ALERT records digital images of vehicles, performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of plates and analyzes both images and OCR results against “hot-list” databases to call to action at various levels of sensitivity. The unique methodology of REG-ALERT has allowed first installations to nab terror-watch list suspects in Las Vegas. For more information, visit

Adaptor Kit Enhances Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Cameras
Canon’s new optional adapter kit for the VC-C50i Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Network Video Solutions Communication Camera (and VC-C50iR Reverse Mount version) improves the connectivity of the camera, compared to a stand alone unit. The kit includes the VC-EX3 Interface Adapter, a BNC/RCA Video Adapter, and the WL-V5 Wireless Controller. The adapter kit provides the VC-C50i/R camera with a means of interfacing with S-Video monitors, BNC/RCA-equipped video monitors, and remote-control systems via the VC-EX3 Adapter’s RS-232 In/Out Terminals.

Canon continues to ship multi-pin plugs included with the purchase of VC-C50i/R cameras to facilitate long cable runs and permanent installations. Featuring a quarter-inch 340,000 pixel CCD imager and 1 Lux low-light sensitivity, the VC-C50i/R has a Genuine Canon 26X optical zoom lens and a 12X digital zoom (the highest optical zoom magnification available in its class) to capture fine detail from far distances. With a wide-ranging pan of +/-100 degrees and tilt of +90/-30 degrees, the VC-C50i can quickly survey entire office areas or warehouses (the reverse-mount VC-C50iR version features a pan of +/- 170 degrees and tilt of +10/-90 degrees). Additionally, a motorized infrared (IR) cut filter can be turned off to brighten the viewing area. A built-in IR light is effective up to 9.8 feet for illuminating small areas. An external trigger can be used to turn on external illuminators in dark parking lots, at university campuses, hospitals, and warehouse facilities.

The VC-C50i/R can also be used with Canon’s VB150 Network Video Server, which helps enable users to review and archive still images and monitor live video feeds over the Internet or intranets. Additional features include motion detection, wireless operation, and complete four-camera connectivity. Canon also offers software products for live, simultaneous, and highly customizable monitoring and recording of video from multiple Canon Network Video Cameras.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-OK-CANON.

Premium Mini-Domes
Tatung unveils TRIVIEW, its new premium series of mini domes, The cameras are compact, lightweight, and function discreetly within your install environment. TRIVIEW cameras feature 1/3” CCD, 480 TVL, back light compensation, and up to 0.15 lux. The vandal-resistant fixed dome cameras come with a ceiling and wall mount, 1/3” CCD, and up to 480 TVL. For more information, visit

Voltage Boosters & Power Conversion Modules
Complementing its comprehensive line of low voltage power supplies and products for video surveillance, access control, intrusion and fire systems, Altronix introduces two new voltage boosters. Available as models – VB1 and VB1T – both convert a 12VDC to 24VDC power source to a 24VDC .75 amp regulated output.

The VB1 offers a modular connector/cable assembly to facilitate ease of wiring, while the VB1T is designed with a conventional screw terminal block.

Large integrated security systems with remotely installed power-hungry devices have created a need to maintain levels due to lengthy wiring. Altronix’ new VB1 and VB1T power boosters and conversion modules compensate for voltage drop that naturally occurs due to long cable runs. Another application for the Altronix VB1 and VB1T models is to provide power for 24VDC access control devices from a 12VDC power source. For more information, visit

Perfect For Public Areas
Advanced Technology Video (ATV) introduces a new line of Public View LCD monitors with integrated high resolution color cameras embedded within the monitor bezel. Two models are offered; a 20” LCD with high resolution camera and one external camera input, and a 23” wide screen format LCD with integrated 4 channel multiplexer and high resolution camera with three video inputs for external cameras. These monitors are compact and perfect for high visibility public areas. The high resolution camera is hidden within the lower bezel of both monitors. A wireless remote control makes the set up and programming easily accessible. For more information, visit

Software Upgrades
Continental Instruments Inc. announces upgrades for its Sensormatic AC500 access control software. Repair, replacement and upgrades are available for Sensor Panel I and Sensor Panel II access control panels. CA3000 software from Continental Instruments provides features available with AC500 software as well as a significant number of additional ones. Continental can convert the AC500 database and provide a transition to the CA3000 software by upgrading the firmware and downloading the updated database to the existing panels. (There’s no reason to replace your controller.)

Continental also announces the release of version 2.1 of Card Access 3000 access control and security integration software. This Microsoft Windows Enterprise Software supports six access groups per cardholder, integration with Napco Gemini alarm panels, and integration with Integral Technologies and Salient Systems DVR’s. For more information, visit

Watching Like a Hawk
New from HAWK-I Security, Inc. is a weather-proof, tamper-proof and vandal-proof 250 feet IR camera. It comes complete with a 480 Line Sony SuperHad imaging chip and an IR LED array and features automatic gain control, backlight compensation & auto white balance. This introduction marks HAWK-I’s entrance into the CCTV camera marketplace with reasonably priced, quality products.

Digital Video Controller
Honeywell’s Optiflex Digital Video Controller, suited for both residential and commercial applications, lets dealers seamlessly integrate cost-effective, entry-level video capability with Honeywell security systems. Consumers have the flexibility to view cameras right at the video monitor, on integrated television sets, on Honeywell’s Symphony Touchscreen, or, on their computers anywhere over the Internet, with the assurance that their privacy is protected with a very high level of data security. For more information, visit

Honeywell Power Products (HPP), announces its HTP & HT Series Transformers. HPP’s general purpose DC power supplies are matched to these transformers for maximum performance. Both series are used in a wide range of applications in CCTV, access, and security systems, supplying low-voltage stand-alone AC, or as part of a DC power system.

The HTP Series plug-in AC transformers come in several sizes, the largest with an output rating of 50VA, and the DC versions have outputs from 300ma to 3 amps. The open-frame HT Series AC transformers come in four sizes and provide lead wires for connections, with a maximum output of 200VA. The HTP Series mounts to a standard wall outlet with a screw-down tab, and the HT Series mounts to an enclosure using mounting feet. The transformers are UL listed and Class 2 rated for indoor use. For more information, visit

Shield Against Spies Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks control access between public and private areas. The Simplex 1000 Series design comes standard with a recessed button area to inhibit outsiders from viewing authorized code entry. For areas that are particularly susceptible to unauthorized surveillance, a new Anti-Spy Shield (part number 201600-19-41) is now available.

The new Anti-Spy Shield provides additional user privacy without obstructing the lock’s use and easy one-handed operation. The shield is easy to install without additional door preparation. Its slim-line, black design blends in with any existing hardware and dA©cor. The shield also provides an additional benefit against severe weather environments (moisture and ice formation) for outside applications. Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks by Kaba provide convenient keyless security that is easy to manage – no keys or cards and one code for all authorized users. For more information, visit

A Wireless Ethernet System
MicroTek Electronics announces the MiniLink Wireless Ethernet System, which is based on 802.11a technology and operates in the license-free 5.3 and 5.8 GHz U-NII bands. The system of dual RF modules is designed as a plug and play CAT5/Ethernet cable replacement product for use with standard Ethernet devices such as DVRs, video servers, IP cameras, routers/hubs, etc. The system features 9 user selectable channels and transmits, up to 30 miles, a 20 Mbps digital data stream in standard mode and a 40 Mbps digital data stream in turbo mode. The MiniLink Wireless Ethernet System employs switch selectable setup functions using LED indicators for ease of operation. The signal between the RF modules is encrypted for secure transmission, preventing unauthorized access. Components of this system are housed in weatherproof aluminum cases. The included mounting hardware and standard L-20 mounting holes simplify installation. An easy to use, Web browser interface comes standard for advanced applications that require additional features or specific parameters. For more information, visit

Verification System Solves Growing False Alarm Problem
With a new standalone combination intrusion/video system from NoFalse Alarm, a division of U.S. acoustics technologies, inc., a monitoring station can confirm if there is a verified or false alarm in a short 20 seconds from the time the camera or sensor detects motion. The monitoring station can then immediately alert the property owner or notify the police if the alarm is legitimate. The unique NoFalse Alarm intrusion/video system includes an 8-channel multiplexer, up to eight cameras with variable motion detectors and sensors, plus a siren. It connects to existing alarm or burglar panels and/or DVR systems. A wide range of options is available, including independent remote monitoring. For detailed information on the features and benefits of this intrusion/video system, visit

An Addition To The Family
The FPS-5 processor from Perimeter Products, Inc. is the newest addition to its family of fence mounted intrusion detection sensors and systems. It communicates all alarm and supervision information, as well as audio, on the same integral fiber transponder. This fiber communication method, which interleaves the signals and audio outputs, is a proprietary design and eliminates the need for any additional fiber communication boards.

The FPS-5 zones report to the MXF-5000 fiber series multiplex control unit. FPS-5 incorporates a redundant fiber ring to ensure communication integrity of the system. The control unit provides easy integration with video and other equipment via relay outputs or RS-232 ports. Other peripheral sensors are easily incorporated into the system. Each MXF Control Unit can handle up to sixty zones of equipment. MXF units can be stacked for very large systems that have more than sixty zones. For more information, visit

Two New Offerings
The newly added IP camera version to Vicon Industries’ line of Roughneck Vandal-Resistant cameras is suited for use in schools, parking garages and other public venues. The Roughneck V910 and V926 IP Fixed Camera Domes are a powerful IP video source for a complete digital video management system based on ViconNet software platform. They’re compatible with all ViconNet systems and are remotely managed and controlled from ViconNet workstations and Kollector Elite recorders. Equipped with a 100 Mbps LAN interface board, the cameras allow direct plug-in to a network switch. Images received from the IP cameras can be displayed, recorded or archived like any other ViconNet video component using the ViconNet management platform.

Also new from Vicon is the VN-301T Network Server, a digital video transmitter powered by ViconNet software platform. ViconNet allows each VN-301T to collect local video from its analog input and send streamed video over the network to the ViconNet Video Management and Configuration Software or Kollector Elite recorders, providing outstanding flexibility. ViconNet also powers each VN-301T with the ability to be remotely configured from other recorders and workstations on the network. Changes to transmitter parameters are possible from one or more ViconNet Video Management and Configuration Software or Kollector Elite recorders. For more information, visit

New 4-Port Video Server
The VIP3Io from Visiontech is a high performance, 4-port video server. Features include networking compatibility, 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, SMTP, FTP, DHCP and HTTP protocols. Alarm notifications can be sent by FTP/Mail motion images, Alarm output, FTP transfers and messages are triggered by motion detection and alarm inputs. JPEG & MJPEG compression: 640x480, 320x240 and 160x120, frame rate - 4 channels: 22fps@320x240 or 20fps@352x288. It accepts alarms from two sources and can pass alarms through dry relay contacts. Remote viewing with Internet Explorer, and online upgradeable firmware is available. For more information, visit

Oversized Faceplates Added
Oversized faceplates designed to help cover uneven and jagged drywall cuts are available from ICC in single gang 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6 port configurations. They come in two color options, white and ivory. The oversized faceplates are constructed from rugged durable plastic with a smooth glossy surface texture for a finished clean appearance. They integrate seamlessly with ICC modular connectors and are designed to fit any standard single gang NEMA electrical, surface mount, or junction box. For more information, visit

The Solution Dome Series Arrives
Wren’s SD6 Solution Dome Series is comprised of attractive, durable indoor housings designed for easy installation and maintenance. The Solution Dome series can be used in multiple environments, such as retail stores, banks, gaming, hospitality businesses, schools, and government institutions. Available with a 6” dome or flat surface (for overhead viewing), the SD6 accommodates fixed cameras and leading PTZs. Two mounting options include recessed for hard (sheet rock) ceilings and drop-ceiling applications, and pendant for open ceiling and suspended-beam applications.

Product highlights are a plenum-rated back box (recessed version); “twist and lock” trim ring insuring complete security of the product; and Wren’s trademarked “No-Tools Required” option for access and positioning. The SD6 dome is made from optical-grade polycarbonate and the product’s can accommodate a wide variety of camera and lens configurations. Additional options include larger units and dome colors such as smoked, clear and mirrored. For more information, visit

New Software and Function Modules Integrated
The Giantec Inc. tracer3000 is a mobile DVR which adapts the convenience of WLAN and GPS architecture, making this platform suitable for a wider range of applications. The tracer 3000 is designed specifically for public transportation security installations and features access/ monitor /playback remotely via LAN/WLAN; high performance real time recording with NTSL/PAL, and its I/O interfaces make future expansion easy. It records what, when and where incidents happened with GPS integrated, has embedded Linux for high stability, and motion JPEG compression recording modes. It supports 320 x 240 / 640 x 480 / 640 x 240 display resolution and has a remote control to monitor and playback video. For more information, visit

It’s in the Blood
The VA100 Blood Vessel Authentication System from iAccess Systems, Inc. uses the unique image of the blood vessel pattern in a person’s finger for registration and authentication. The image is created using near infrared light and a CCD camera. Because vein patterns are next to impossible to duplicate, the system can authenticate an individual with a FAR of one in one million.

This biometric access solution is suited for applications within law enforcement and government, as well as the transportation, medical, commercial and industrial markets. For more information, visit

New LCDs
AGN Professional (AGNPRO) introduces 15” industrial panel mount LCD with IP65 / Nema 4 compliant front bezel for kiosk, console, and in-wall mounting in harsh environments. The AGNPRO PM15AV comes with Composite, S-Video and VGA inputs and hardwired remote. It’s reliable and durable with vandal glass, aluminum faceplate and metal construction and optional touch screen and sunlight readable display. It’s available in 15” and 17” TFT LCD. 6.4”, 8.4”, 10.4”, 12.1”, 19” by special order. For more information, visit

Going Platinum
Platinum Power from the NAPCO Security Group, Inc. is a new line of high performance power supplies and accessories for burglary, fire, access control and CCTV applications. The Platinum Power Supplies line includes AC and DC power supplies for four to 16 cameras, high-current power supplies/chargers, timers, relay modules, chargers, distribution boards and access controllers, timers, relay modules, chargers, distribution boards and access power controllers.

Promising both full-amperage (true to their rating) and superior RFI/EMI immunity and surge protection, Platinum Power is a promising alternative for anyone looking for high quality performance at an affordable price. For more information, visit

PTZ Properties
Sanyo Security Products’ new series of DSP super high resolution PTZ cameras come with flexible configurations for indoor or outdoor monitoring. Dubbed “high-speed PTZ cameras” because of their PTZ properties, the series adapts to almost any application with 520 TV lines of resolution in color or day/night versions, as well as a choice of housing types and dome cover types for various monitoring situations. The remote-controlled Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality offers a lot of flexibility and the powerful 22x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom allow the user to zoom in on small or distant objects with exceptional clarity. For more information, visit