May Hot Products

Add a Photo ID to Access Cards Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products Group introduces Avery Photo ID Labels for access control cards. Designed in conjunction with HID Corporation’s Development Partner Program, the new labels offer facilities...

The DX200 DESFire Series (ISO 14443A Part 4 Compatible) is its most versatile solution and offers the highest security features in the FlexSmart product range. The MX200 MIFARE Series (ISO 14443A Compatible) is its most popular contactless smart card solution; cards/tags have a standard memory of 1KB (8Kbits) with up to 4KB available. The IX200 Series (ISO 15693 Compatible) is ideal for entry level contactless smartcard access control applications. Standard ISO 15693 compatible cards and tags have memory of 1KB (8Kbit) with up to 2KB (16Kbit) available. For more information, visit

What’s Your IQ?
iOmniscient continues as a leader in intelligent surveillance with its technological breakthrough using Artificial Intelligence (heuristic algorithms) along with its patented Genius IQ Surveillance Systems. The system can find tiny objects in very crowded and low contrast scenes even when they are invisible to the human eye. Other capabilities include Vandalism and Graffiti Detection, Theft Prevention, Object Counting, Intrusion Prevention, Behavior Analysis.

iOmniscient’s comprehensive IQ Product Series consists of a wide range of applications like behavior analysis that can significantly enhance the intelligence within a CCTV system. Several of these detection capabilities are patented internationally and are not available from any other source. It is totally distributed, scalable and can be used as an add-on to an existing CCTV systems. A wireless PDA version is also available. For more information, visit

Getting Alarming News on Your Cell or PC
Perseus Wireless launches its mPowered Video Monitoring System. It brings together event-based alerts, real-time video and storage, to deliver mobile security monitoring to a PC or handheld device, including cellular phones. The mPowered Video Monitoring System provides business owners and managers with the means to remotely observe and control key operations using video and other sensor-based alarms. For a monthly fee, users customize the camera views, alarm and alert schedules. By centralizing the setup of the IP-networked cameras and eliminating the need for an on-site recording device, installation costs are significantly reduced. For more information, visit

Alert to License Plates
REG-ALERT (Automatic License Extraction and Recognition Technology) is a fully automatic license plate capture system from OuterLimit Technologies – a division of extreme CCTV Int’l, Inc. Using high-speed optics, infrared illumination and intelligent analysis software, REG-ALERT records digital images of vehicles, performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of plates and analyzes both images and OCR results against “hot-list” databases to call to action at various levels of sensitivity. The unique methodology of REG-ALERT has allowed first installations to nab terror-watch list suspects in Las Vegas. For more information, visit

Adaptor Kit Enhances Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Cameras
Canon’s new optional adapter kit for the VC-C50i Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Network Video Solutions Communication Camera (and VC-C50iR Reverse Mount version) improves the connectivity of the camera, compared to a stand alone unit. The kit includes the VC-EX3 Interface Adapter, a BNC/RCA Video Adapter, and the WL-V5 Wireless Controller. The adapter kit provides the VC-C50i/R camera with a means of interfacing with S-Video monitors, BNC/RCA-equipped video monitors, and remote-control systems via the VC-EX3 Adapter’s RS-232 In/Out Terminals.

Canon continues to ship multi-pin plugs included with the purchase of VC-C50i/R cameras to facilitate long cable runs and permanent installations. Featuring a quarter-inch 340,000 pixel CCD imager and 1 Lux low-light sensitivity, the VC-C50i/R has a Genuine Canon 26X optical zoom lens and a 12X digital zoom (the highest optical zoom magnification available in its class) to capture fine detail from far distances. With a wide-ranging pan of +/-100 degrees and tilt of +90/-30 degrees, the VC-C50i can quickly survey entire office areas or warehouses (the reverse-mount VC-C50iR version features a pan of +/- 170 degrees and tilt of +10/-90 degrees). Additionally, a motorized infrared (IR) cut filter can be turned off to brighten the viewing area. A built-in IR light is effective up to 9.8 feet for illuminating small areas. An external trigger can be used to turn on external illuminators in dark parking lots, at university campuses, hospitals, and warehouse facilities.