May Hot Products

Add a Photo ID to Access Cards Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products Group introduces Avery Photo ID Labels for access control cards. Designed in conjunction with HID Corporation’s Development Partner Program, the new labels offer facilities...

Honeywell Power Products (HPP), announces its HTP & HT Series Transformers. HPP’s general purpose DC power supplies are matched to these transformers for maximum performance. Both series are used in a wide range of applications in CCTV, access, and security systems, supplying low-voltage stand-alone AC, or as part of a DC power system.

The HTP Series plug-in AC transformers come in several sizes, the largest with an output rating of 50VA, and the DC versions have outputs from 300ma to 3 amps. The open-frame HT Series AC transformers come in four sizes and provide lead wires for connections, with a maximum output of 200VA. The HTP Series mounts to a standard wall outlet with a screw-down tab, and the HT Series mounts to an enclosure using mounting feet. The transformers are UL listed and Class 2 rated for indoor use. For more information, visit

Shield Against Spies Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks control access between public and private areas. The Simplex 1000 Series design comes standard with a recessed button area to inhibit outsiders from viewing authorized code entry. For areas that are particularly susceptible to unauthorized surveillance, a new Anti-Spy Shield (part number 201600-19-41) is now available.

The new Anti-Spy Shield provides additional user privacy without obstructing the lock’s use and easy one-handed operation. The shield is easy to install without additional door preparation. Its slim-line, black design blends in with any existing hardware and dA©cor. The shield also provides an additional benefit against severe weather environments (moisture and ice formation) for outside applications. Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks by Kaba provide convenient keyless security that is easy to manage – no keys or cards and one code for all authorized users. For more information, visit

A Wireless Ethernet System
MicroTek Electronics announces the MiniLink Wireless Ethernet System, which is based on 802.11a technology and operates in the license-free 5.3 and 5.8 GHz U-NII bands. The system of dual RF modules is designed as a plug and play CAT5/Ethernet cable replacement product for use with standard Ethernet devices such as DVRs, video servers, IP cameras, routers/hubs, etc. The system features 9 user selectable channels and transmits, up to 30 miles, a 20 Mbps digital data stream in standard mode and a 40 Mbps digital data stream in turbo mode. The MiniLink Wireless Ethernet System employs switch selectable setup functions using LED indicators for ease of operation. The signal between the RF modules is encrypted for secure transmission, preventing unauthorized access. Components of this system are housed in weatherproof aluminum cases. The included mounting hardware and standard L-20 mounting holes simplify installation. An easy to use, Web browser interface comes standard for advanced applications that require additional features or specific parameters. For more information, visit

Verification System Solves Growing False Alarm Problem
With a new standalone combination intrusion/video system from NoFalse Alarm, a division of U.S. acoustics technologies, inc., a monitoring station can confirm if there is a verified or false alarm in a short 20 seconds from the time the camera or sensor detects motion. The monitoring station can then immediately alert the property owner or notify the police if the alarm is legitimate. The unique NoFalse Alarm intrusion/video system includes an 8-channel multiplexer, up to eight cameras with variable motion detectors and sensors, plus a siren. It connects to existing alarm or burglar panels and/or DVR systems. A wide range of options is available, including independent remote monitoring. For detailed information on the features and benefits of this intrusion/video system, visit

An Addition To The Family
The FPS-5 processor from Perimeter Products, Inc. is the newest addition to its family of fence mounted intrusion detection sensors and systems. It communicates all alarm and supervision information, as well as audio, on the same integral fiber transponder. This fiber communication method, which interleaves the signals and audio outputs, is a proprietary design and eliminates the need for any additional fiber communication boards.